Thursday, November 5, 2009

Weird random week

This week has felt a bit off for some reason. I wonder if Monday night's full moon sent the cosmos into craziness or something.

It started off well enough...

Monday, I ran into a lady at the grocery store that I haven't seen in 16 years. I was shopping with Grace while Rose was at her musical theater class. I couldn't even believe that this woman remembered me. And she couldn't believe that I'd had two daughters.

I reconnected with my ex-sister-in-law - only to find out that she didn't know her brother and I were divorced.

I was able to attend my A Course in Miracles study group that evening. I felt very happy all day and filled with spirit. A new girl *accidentally* came to the class and sat right next to me. She had intentions of attending a different class but took a wrong turn in the hallway. A Course in Miracles fit her perfectly. I made a new friend.


There are no accidents...

My Saints went 7 - 0 that night. Who dat!

Other little strange things happened that day. Then Gentleman Jack pointed out to me on the phone that night that his day was weird too.

The rest of the week proceeded to get weirder and weirder. Not in a bad way. And not in a major way. Just... off somehow.


Over the course of the week, my co-workers dropped like flies. Two of them stayed home all week to deal with lice issues. Ugh. Others had personal issues or illnesses. I felt especially lonely being the only one in the office today.

Not such a good idea when I'm tired. I so wanted to put my head down on the desk and sleep.


Two nights ago, Rose composed a love song. Now she's been making up tunes with lyrics since she was three. I don't know why but I always stand in awe when she's singing them to me.

This one in particular reminded me of one of my first songs. I was 10 years old when I wrote the following lyrics - and I can still remember the tune too:

Walking on the streets alone
Never know where you're going
Trying to find a boy just right for you
Its hard to do

You never know who you're gonna meet
With love on a two way street
Cause I've been looking all the days of my life...

And my 8 year old wrote these:

Walking on the streets
Everybody that you meet
You see what you want but
You don't want to see me.

I love you but you don't love me.
Oh oh oh oh!
You think that I love you and then you don't.
Oh oh oh oh!

Now I'm thinking that I should not like you anymore.
Yeah. You're nice to her but not to me.
I don't like the way you're treating me
I know that I should not like you.

You think that I love you and then you don't.
Yeah yeah yeah
You're stuck in my head and I can't get you out.
And now I know that I should not love you.

Ok. But at age 8? I wonder if things aren't looking so good with her little beau.


Then today... the sad sad news about the killings at Ft. Hood. As with any military tragedy, my heart breaks. The main shooter was about to deploy... and pre-deployment anxiety... well, let's just say I've had first-hand knowledge of what it can do to a man.


Keep 'em in your prayers.


Grace has been battling something all week so we're all doing our normal "stay healthy" protocols. In particular, I know that I am in definite need of a good night's sleep.


We're all looking forward to this weekend. GJ is coming into town with both of his boys. My first reaction was to say, "We're finally getting the whole family together!!!"

I flinched, worried about his thoughts, and wondered, "Where the hell did that come from?"

But his reply only confirmed that once again, we're on the same page...

"The whole family. I like the sound of that."

Yay. Let the weirdness end now thankyouverymuch.


  1. "The whole family."

    Wow, Ms. T. You are brave.

    Amazingly, you and I are on the same page. Again. I'm writing about some family-blending, too. Or, tryin' to!

  2. Sometimes I think Weirdness is just the awkward feeling we get in that space between two stages of life. Like being between two floors on the elevator.

    It must be what it feels like to morph into another state of being. Like, perhaps "the whole family".


  3. Your 8-year old's writing is wrenching. So young, to already experience so much.

    Weird week. Yeah. Definitely. (Is it going around like the H1N1 virus??)

    Today is the anniversary of my divorce. Many, many years now. Didn't even realize until after I had written a very nostalgic post about my ex-in-laws, and then was reading over at dadshouse that this is his divorce anniversary.

    You're fortunate to still have a relationship with your in-laws, if you cared for them. Mine cut me off, flat out, without ever knowing the circumstances around the end of the marriage. I've managed to make sure my sons have maintained a relationship with that part of the family (that's the only family, really); they're good people at heart.

    Sometimes, weird is all we have. And there's a whole lot worse - we know that for sure!

  4. I love that you and your daughter both made up song lyrics at an early age!

    My Little One often does that too but at 4 they are (not yet) about love - unless it's for her family memebers of course. ;)

    Yeah, it's been a weird FEW weeks for me.

    And so sad about Ft. Hood.

  5. The great thing about "family" is that it can mean so many different things. Glad to see that you're building yours. :)


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