Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Cookies, Cocoa and New Friends?

I have about 7 blog posts that I've thrown together but will not publish until my head is on straight. I'm still recovering from the vacation and feeling a bit behind on LOTS of things.

One of the reasons I'm feeling overwhelmed is laundry.


Tell me, as a single parent, if there's no worse chore than freakin' laundry. Its ENDLESS!

Also, my daughters and I are putting together a social gathering for tomorrow night. We're calling it Cookies and Cocoa.

Here's the deal:

In our last neighborhood, where the ex-husband and I built a home, we knew nearly all of our neighbors. A trip to the mailbox would turn into a hour long gossip session as I knew every single person that drove by. So-and-so's having a baby. Or so-and-so is getting granite countertops.  Or we're having a bunco game Saturday night.

Yep, a regular Wisteria Lane.

It was nice though. We always had babysitters. We always had someone to turn to for help of any kind. We always felt safe.

In our current neighborhood, we know practically no one. However, it seems that many of the children that live on our street or one street away also attend Rose's school. Rose has asked me, on occasion, if she can go to this girl's house or that boy's house.

I don't know those people.

And I'm sure they're perfectly harmless, lovely people but I would like to know these kids *and* their parents. That's where the social gathering idea came in.

Rose, Grace and I made flyers and handed them out to Rose's friends at school. We invited the kids and their parents to come to the house for cookies and hot chocolate. We also told them to bring their favorite cookies.

An hour long gathering - to see, get to know, get a feeling and maybe, just maybe, make some new friends.

So, I must get back to cleaning the house so my neighbors don't think I'm a complete slob. 

I'm drinking chai tea right now and I absolutely adore shortbread with my tea. But the cookies that I'm known for are your basic Nestle Toll house chocolate chip. I have a few special things that I do differently that makes them melt-in-your-mouth delish. You've never had a Nestle Toll house cookie til you've had mine...

I have some secrets, however, that I will keep to myself. *smile*

I may even pull down Mema's old recipes to make some holiday cookies with the girls this weekend. I always enjoyed making those with her as a child. Ahh... memories.

In the meantime, do you have any favorite cookies that you make during the holidays?


  1. Hey, that's a cool idea, T, inviting people over!

    I'd like to taste your cookies. And that sounds far worse than I intended.


  2. Laundry is the bane of my existence. I just did a post soliciting opinions on if I should make my kids do their own and the overwhelming (okay, 3) response was yes.

    Our family makes these Christmas cookies with dried cherries (red and green), golden raisins and pecans that are to die for. They freeze them in these aluminum foil tubes because it makes so many. I don't know how to make them myself, but my mom helps when she's here. Yum!

  3. Have you seen my wife's post about a holiday cookie recipe exchange? There is a link on her sidebar to the post about it.

    Have fun with the party!

  4. Sounds like fun!

    I always make just regular sugar cookies, but I cut them out in Christmas tree shapes, colour them with green frosting and for decorations use smarties. Kids go crazy for them...

  5. Okay, I just had a cookie party and coffee with friends last night. (Note to self, don't ever let the 15 yr old drink coffee after dinner again. EVER. Seriously. Thought we'd never get to sleep.)

    Hope it goes well. Can't wait to hear all about it. And believe me when I say I understand what you're missing. Such was life in my beloved Bubble.

  6. I am going to a cookie exchange this weekend with HS friends. I am either going to have to bribe someone to make mine, or buy them.
    Can I bribe you? :)

  7. HAHAHAHAH Look:

    RE: "I'd like to taste your cookies. And that sounds far worse than I intended."

    That is so not true.

    Send me cookies, please. I will tell Em I baked them, as I never make cookies. *Grin*

    Hope it's a good time, Miss Gorgeous.

  8. I hate laundry. People should just walk around naked.

  9. I think that is an awesome idea! I love organizing social get togethers. I hope you make some new friends in your neighborhood.

    And I don't mind doing laundry, or folding it. It's the putting away of it that I detest!

  10. I love cookie parties. My favorite cookie to bring is a lemon bar. Yum!

    Jim (Depot Dad) cracks me up.

    Have a great time.

  11. I've always hated laundry. I think it's worse now that I'm married... Josh likes to throw his clothes every where. It's especially bad when you live in an apartment. I miss having my own laundry room!

    Anyway, I too like the classic Nestle Chocolate chip recipe. (Only without the nuts.) A cookie party sounds like fun. Now I wanna go make some!

  12. I'm sure your choc chip cookies are good...but mine are the BEST and low(er) fat but you wouldn't know it by taste. So there! ;)

    That said, I love baking over the holidays, I just wish I had more time to do everyone's favorites.

    As for laundry, HATE it. It never ends. There is almost always something in basket, in the washer, in the dryer and that needs to be folded. But that's clothing for up to 5 females when all the kids are here. And yes, I do have them fold and put away their own, but usually that means getting in out of the clean basket.

  13. Chocolate chocolate chip cookies with peanut butter chips!!!

    Have fun T. The party sounds like a great idea. As far as laundry, I have the perfect solution...PAY SOMEONE ELSE TO DO IT! I hate laundry.

  14. I think dishes are even worse than laundry. But they're kind of a toss up. Either way, cookies & cocoa sound perfect.

  15. That cocoa party sounds fun! Good idea to meet the neighbors who your kids will be hanging out with outside of school.

    Laundry - I work from home, so it gets done. Folded and put away? That's a different question.

  16. Although I'm not that good at baking cookies, I make homemade chocolate pudding that will melt your socks off. If you've never had real chocolate pudding (not that fake-O Jell-O stuff), that may not sound like a big deal. But trust me... it's awesome.

    Try it. But only if you like chocolate. (Although... I do have a variation for butterscotch pudding, if that's your thing):

    Bon appetite.

  17. What a lovely idea :)

    We used to bake these German biscuits called Hidelbrochen but my mom stopped doing it for some reason and well I just got lazy *blush*


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