Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Happy moments

What a great vacation!

I am very grateful for the opportunity to go on a relaxing trip with my man. I'm even more grateful for happy little things every day we were there:


The very fact that we made the trip, despite the odds.

Our luggage waiting for us - side by side - even though we have different last names.

Getting an upgrade on our car rental - simply because I mentioned that I'd rented from them before.

Checking into our one room bungalow and realizing we had the entire complex to ourselves - including the pool and beach. And just in time for sunset.


Having margaritas, shrimp tacos and fresh homemade guacamole for dinner at one of my favorite restaurants on the beach.


No one noticing me in the dark when I drank enough margaritas to take my top off at the restaurant on the beach.

Be free girls, BE FREE!! Heh. Apparently, tequila does make my clothes fall off.

Sex on the beach in the moonlight.

Standing naked in the surf in my man's arms under a full moon glistening on the dark ocean.... the only sounds were the waves, the breezes, my own deep breaths and Gentleman Jack's heartbeat.


A gorgeous sunrise over the ocean.

Breakfast with fresh squeezed orange juice at a tiny little bakery in Akumal.

Strolling around Akumal, enjoying the eco-conscious awareness and really cute shops of the town!

GJ buying me some really fun earrings because he said they were so *me*.

Snorkeling in the turquoise inlets of a lagoon and seeing parrot fish that were nearly as large as we were!

Crawling up on a rock in a remote area of the lagoon to breathe in the tranquility and kiss my man.

Being one step ahead of a group of tourists who were entering the lagoon right as we were leaving.

Sitting at another restaurant for a late lunch, on the beach, and having internet access. WAY cool.

Spending the evening at our little hideaway beach and bungalow and eating all the junk food we'd bought at the store. Mmmmmm.... Pringles and Oreos...

Sex in our bungalow.

Sex on our balcony.

Sex on the beach.

Standing naked in the surf in my man's arms under a full moon glistening on the dark ocean.... the only sounds were the waves, the breezes, my own deep breaths and Gentleman Jack's heartbeat.

(Yeah, it was so great the first time, we needed a repeat performance.)


Cooking breakfast tacos in our tiny kitchen and eating them while watching the waves on the ocean from our balcony.


Visiting the ruins at Tulum on a cloudy day.

Being one step ahead of a group of tourists who were entering the ruins right as we were leaving.

Another late lunch at another of my favorite beach restaurants.

Once again drinking more than my fill of margaritas.

Snorkeling in the cool cenote behind the restaurant.

"Bangin' acrobatic" hammock sex on our balcony.

Taking a nap.

A homeopathic remedy that helped sober me up. Whew.

Lobster dinner on the beach.

My Gentleman trying to refresh my memory about the acrobatic hammock sex as I started things up again. Hee hee!


More yummy homemade breakfast tacos with spicy salsa and more bacon than two people should be allowed to eat. And yes, that is a beer with breakfast. Its always 5 o'clock in Mexico.

Saying goodbye to our beach and getting to the airport with perfect timing!

"A happy life is just a string of happy moments. But most people don't allow the happy moment, because they're so busy trying to get a happy life."
~ Abraham-Hicks


  1. Sounds and looks like an absolutely amazing trip! :)

    So happy for you!

  2. Sounds like just what the doctor ordered. Great way to prepare for the Holiday madness.

  3. So, did you have any sex? ;-)

    Glad you and Rascal had such a wonderful getaway!

  4. Awesome pics! I'm very envious...would LOVE to take Sunshine on a trip like that.

    I'm really happy you two had such a great time. Just a shame you can't connect sexually.


  5. *sigh*

    Totally jealous. Glad you had such a fun time...... :)

    Maybe next time you'll find time to squeeze in a little sex, though. :-p

  6. Sounds like such an awesome time. And love the quote at the end.

  7. This post made me smile - a big happy cheesy smile!!!

    Looks like sheer bliss!

    Am happy for you my friend - so very very happy!

  8. It is so nice to just relax and being with your man is just a bonus!!

    The pictures you took were amazing. So you are a margarita girl??? lol

    Sex everywhere....so jealous!
    Glad you had a great time.

  9. So Happy to hear about a great vacation for you and Rascal. Also very jealous.

  10. So, sounds like the PERFECT combination of sex, 'ritas, and fun.

    Thrilled for you.

  11. Tulum is a rather awesome place.

    Glad you enjoyed the vacation. Thanks for sharing the fun and good times with us.


  12. Fun times! Great pics. Sex on the beach under a starlit sky is the best!!!

  13. It looks so perfect. I am jealous and very happy for you.
    Damn you and that sex.

  14. T, glad you had such an amazing time! The pics are SO amazing!

  15. I am so happy for you T, but now I must have a vacation. It has to be a beach vacation. Sex also has to be there. It has to be there a lot.

  16. sheer perfection!! love the quote - I may "borrow" for quote Friday ;)

  17. Looks and sounds like a wonderful getaway! Thanks for sharing. So good to see you so happy!


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