Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Feeling Ornery

I suppose feeling "ornery" may look like feeling "horny" but um... no. Not exactly the same thing.

But I ornery sex can be fun!

I'm bouncing back, slowly but surely, from the emotional whirlpool of the past few weeks. I haven't been able to hang on to much balance though I fully expect it to return. I'm getting on a good exercise schedule again and we're getting a little more sunshine.

I'm not in a bad mood today. I feel more... hmmm... surly or feisty or... like I want to stir up something.

So, this post may end up getting blocked by those of you who read from work but my mood says I have to put it out there.


I don't know. I just felt like saying it.

Fuck, fuck, fuckity fuck.

It's so damn liberating to say, isn't it? Say it with me. Deep breath. Now...


Don't you feel better?


Fuck used to be one of those words I would never say. Then when my girlfriend Marie and I moved in together when I was 21, I quickly noticed it was her favorite word.

She was very creative with the word and used it in ways I had never heard before. The worst (and best) ways she used it was when she was upset with her boyfriend.

You know what they say... hell hath no fury.


I have a friend who lives in L.A. I call him Toast because he collects toasters. He looks like Mr. Clean, big guy with a bald head. He's a punk. Ya know, he loves punk music? He has a little roughness to him but if you knew him, you'd love his big heart.

Many years ago when I was visiting him, we went to a store on Melrose called Retail Slut. What a fuckin' awesome store! In the store, Toast saw a t-shirt that he couldn't live without:

It was fucking BRILLIANT!

He bought it and as we left the store, he saw one that I absolutely had to buy too:


It was perfect for PMS week. My husband would get the message without me saying a word.

The next day, Toast and I went out to the big Farmer's Market and he wore his shirt. I was slightly embarrassed, not sure how people would react.

They LOVED it.

Seriously. He was asked over and over again where he bought the shirt! You never know what you'll find in L.A.


I love the word FUCK.

I love to say it, do it, use it as a verb, noun, adjective... it is such a versatile word!*

And I feel like writing about it today. Because it is my fucking blog.


* Motherhood keeps me in line. Since both kids are reading now, its time to put away my PMS shirt. Boo.


  1. Put away the shirts? Yes.

    Throw away the shirts? No.

    Instead, put them in storage. Be prepared to pull them out for wearing the first time you go and visit one of the kids when they are in college.


  2. Well fuck. I dunno what to say. *evil grin*

  3. As a writer, I enjoy adverbing many of my favorite nouns and verbs. This started in college, when I first heard a friend say the word, "Fuckishly."

    Someone challenged him to use it in a sentence, to which my friend replied:

    "He grinned fuckishly."

    Someday, I'm going to work that into a story.

    In the meantime... I am completely at one with this post. Fuck, yeah, T.

  4. Hang on to that PMS shirt. In a few years, sooner than you think, your girls might be asking to borrow it.

    And you can tell them, "No fucking way! That's *my* fucking shirt!!"


  5. FUCK is the most versatile word there is.


  6. So, you and David both have a post this week brought to us by the letter 'F'. I think you win. Yours was brought by the 'F' word. ;)

    Ahhh. It's still the naughtiest word I know...mostly. It's at least the naughtiest word I use and dig out when necessary. And sometimes it really is necessary.

    Rock on with your bad self. And if people don't get this? Fuck 'em if they can't take a joke.

  7. A-fucking-men! lol...

    So this is the post you tweeted about yesterday!

  8. Best Fucking word in the English language!

    I have an audio file on the word Fuck that I will email to you. And you will laugh your fucking ass off when you hear it. It's a good thing to have on hand for when the fucking mood strikes.

    I tried to do a post myself a while back and embed the file but I couldn't fucking figure out how to do it. Maybe you can. :)

  9. Hmm. Not joining the bandwagon on this one, T. I find it to be a selfish word, drawing attention to the user for some sort of perceived shock value. It's an inarticulate way to convey the speaker's true intent or meaning.

    I would not feel that I am honoring God or living like Christ if that word were in my vocabulary. Just sayin'

  10. Fuck yeah (to use INRIS's choice!) - this blog had me rolling! I love the t-shirt "fuck you, you fucking fuck!" I agree, I used to never use that work either, it just felt like the harshest curse word out there, but it can be fun, and sometimes you just need to fucking say it!

    to your mood, though, in all seriousness, I call that my "meh" mood. Where I'm not sad, angry, etc, just sorta not feeling it. Meh.

  11. LOVE this post and thank you for writing it! Just last night I told my boyfriend that he looked "fuck-a-licious" while sitting on my couch....well, he did!
    In anycase, FUCK is really the only word I have ever known to mean so many different things, to express so many different emotions and allow for so many new words to be created by just putting the word *fuck* in front of it.


    Peace and Love....



  12. Well fuckin' A T. You're fucking right. It's your fucking blog and you can fucking do whatever the fuck you fucking want. Fuck yeah! You are too fucking funny. ;)

  13. Your title got me. When I was young and stupid-er, I had vanity plates that said 2ONRY4U. Every one would ask me why my plates said that I was too horny for you, so I got rid of them. So this made me laugh a whole lot. Fucking thanks!

  14. I LOVE this post! Some days my friend and I have FUCK days! We see how many times we can say FUCK just because it makes us feel better!

  15. We like "fucker" way to fucking much! lol. It can be so versatile by just varying your tone.

    You need one of these when you are feeling a more proper and girly representation. lol. I have one and I love it. (super soft BTW)


  16. I like this post. It's so fuckin happy!!

  17. absofuckinglutely

    there are some days when that word just seems to fit....had many of them myself lately

  18. LOL T! I know I say the word a little too often especially when I have had a bad day.

  19. You fuckin' crack me the fuck up T!

  20. krista - thesilentkJanuary 27, 2010 at 5:57 PM

    haha. one of my best friends bozena- when she is in a really irritated mood would always say, "Jesus Fuck!" which is really profane- especially if you grew up Roman Catholic like we did. It always made me giggle though, because it was just so WRONG! Haha.

  21. I was just in a conversation today with a friend and we were laughing at how much we love the word "fuck". I'm totally with you on that one! It's so, so...appropriate!

  22. fuckity is a great word. And yeah, I read the title as horny. Had to do a double take.

  23. Love your blog! I'll be back for sure. I'm also a divorced single mom, I have four girls though...so twice as much crazy as you!

    I realized I needed to monitor my use of the beloved, and oft used "fuck" when my two year old told the lady at McDonalds, "I wanna fuckin' cheeseburgah pweese" O.o well FUCK there goes my mother of the year award.

  24. When it comes to a woman cursing, there is a fine line between it being hot and it being really off-putting.

    You have not yet crossed that line.


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