Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Its a free country - so says my 8 year old.

Grace turns 5 years old today.

Oh my goodness they grow up WAY too fast. My baby... MY BABY is 5!!!! I hope she continues her baby snuggles with me...

We were driving to her birthday party at a jumpy-jumphouse place when Rose (my little thinker) decided to engage me in a serious and most curious conversation:

R: Mom, what do you call it when a boy wants to marry another boy or a girl wants to marry another girl?

T: (after nearly choking on bottled water) *cough cough* Um...sweetie, that's called homosexual.

R: Homo-what?

T: Homosexual. Or gay. Some people call it gay. Gay marriage.

R: So it really does happen?

T: Well, gay people do want to get married but unfortunately some people think its wrong. And they won't let the gay people get married.

R: That doesn't make sense. Its a free country.

T: (hell yeah it is!) Yes, I know sweet girl but some people think that it is against God to marry someone who is the same sex as you.

R: I don't know if God thinks that but I think God wants us to love each other.

T: Exactly.


R: How do they make babies then?

*cough cough*


  1. Awesome!

    This little conversation brought a smile to my face.

    Then again, my seven year old is likely to start asking similar questions before too long. I wonder if it'll still be as funny when conversations like this happen to *me*....

  2. Similar conversations occur in my home. Along with the "Well, if my kindergarten teacher isn't married, how did she get her new baby in her tummy?" Fun questions like that.

    Hang on...the ride has already begun! :)

    Be well, T.

  3. Out of the mouth of babes...

    Made me miss the days when a series of whys had us at the dawn of creation in no time.

    My baby is 12. They really do grow fast.

  4. Be sure to tell her that in Canada, gay marriage *IS* allowed. ;-)

    I remember hearing my daughter playing with another little girl at the library one day (she was only about 3 or so at the time). They were playing with a dollhouse, and I heard Kiddo say, "Well, two girls CAN get married, if they want to." The other mom looked at me and said, "Did she just say what I think she said?" When I nodded, she laughed and told me that my kid was awesome.

    In some ways I love the era that my kids are growing up in. So much more tolerance and understanding than when we were kids...

  5. I can't wait for this kind of stuff. When your children start being curious about everything and blurt it all out.
    Right now, my 2 year old just tells everyone that she is going to kick their ass. ?? :)

  6. She got it right, plain and simply :)

  7. Had something similar happen at my house last week!

  8. Happy birthday to your little girl! Great questions by her... how the heck do you answer all of them! oh yeah - cough cough. lol

  9. She is a little smarty pants! I haven't had to deal with those types of questions yet but I'm sure they are coming. Well handled!

  10. Great conversation! Love children and the clarity at which they see life. The answer to how do they make babies is rather a simple one ... them make them with love! Just like everyone else.
    Happy birthday to Grace!

  11. LOL you gotta love conversations like this.

  12. Hahaha I love how kids are so frank and pure in their thinking.

    Happy Birthday Grace!!

  13. I love how you never know what questions kids will come up with. Unless, of course, I am the one needing to provide an answer.

  14. aw, so precious and innocent, love it!

  15. I have found the best answer is: "Why do you ask?" so you can figure out where they are coming from.


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