Sunday, January 17, 2010

Turn yourself around and come on home...

Some things in this world
Man, they don't make sense
Some things you don't need
Until they leave you
And they're things that you miss

Baby, baby, baby
When all your love is gone
Who will save me
From all I'm up against out in this world

Maybe, maybe, maybe
You'll find something
That's enough to keep you
But if the bright lights don't receive you
You should turn yourself around
And come on home

I woke up this morning in bed with my sweet Gentleman and this song was playing in my head.

Friday night, when I arrived at Gentleman Jack's house, he immediately swept me into his warm, loving arms. He held me for a very long time, sighing heavily into the nape of my neck. Then he'd stop, take my face in his hands, kiss me and say, "You're really here?"

He changed his Facebook status that night telling everyone that I was there and that I made his house feel more like home.

As we drove around town the next day for various events and social activities, I looked out the passenger side window at the familiar streets. I admired the trees, the river, the rain, the signs announcing the upcoming arrival of crawfish season. I smiled as we passed the military base that was a few blocks from our high school. I devoured grits with my breakfast - something I don't partake in normally. I cheered enthusiastically for our homestate national football team. (Geaux Saints!) I relished in the purple, green and gold emblems and masks everywhere hinting of Mardi Gras parades to come in the next few weeks.

And wistfully, I enjoyed that feeling of HOME.


Today is 21 years since I moved to Dallas. I love it here. I love the millions of restaurants and night life and activities and opportunities. I'm used to the traffic and big money and even bigger trucks that barrel down the freeway. My family is here. My life is here. I'm happy here.

But when I go back there, when I'm in my man's arms, in his home, in MY hometown, I wonder if... Could I ever live there again?

Maybe I have found something that's enough to keep me here but if the brights lights of this town are doing nothing for me... I wonder if I could turn around and go back home?

I wonder.


  1. I always found this pre-Mardi Gras season one of great anticipation. It was very intoxicating (no pun intended)...the colors, the music, the celebration and the wonder. It's also the marking of the beginning of a great season of introspection previous to the rebirth of Easter.

    New life. Not to say that is a decision you would need to make this year, but your wondering if you could ever go back seems to fit the season.

    And yes...Geaux Saints! :)

    Be well, T.

  2. That's the thing about the just never know what it's going to you're going to feel...what might change.

    Exciting, isn't it?

  3. I know what you mean. Sorta. I've been in Denver for almost 15 years, which is the longest I've lived anywhere. Ever. I have a hard time imagining I'd ever leave. But then I also have nothing to leave FOR.

  4. New Orleans rocks! Love that city.

    I too think what life would be like if I moved back to the region where I grew up. But my motivations are different than yours - my family is actually back there, not here where I live now.

    Now offense to the Aints, but I'd really love to see Brett Favre in one more Super Bowl :-)

  5. @dadshouse - Dem's fightin' words!


  6. T,
    How strange it was to find your blog, particularly this post. I have been considering starting a blog for some time now. I came across your blog last night and as I poured through your words I felt like I was reading some of my own stories. Your courage, openness and honesty have inspired me to actually set up a blog, which I did today!

    The idea of *home* has been on my mind a lot lately. I am in the early stages of divorce and a mother of one and I've come to realize that my focus needs to be on coming *home* to myself. I need to be grounded in my core strength in order to get through what likes ahead of me, to be a good parent for my son and to become the person that I want to be.

    Home. Is it a place? Is it a state of being? Is it the people who are closest to you? Maybe it is all of the these things. Perhaps I should bring these questions over to my new blog and begin writing...

    Thank you for sharing your experiences.

  7. Truth be told, many women have this same fantasy. Many more have even “busted a move” for their lover. Sound like fun? It sure is! Plus, the Romantic Striptease is an awesome way to show your big ass just how sexy you’re feeling. And take it from me, he will agree with you 100%.


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