Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Because OMG... REALLY?!

Did you ever have one of those WTF moments in your life where you had to LOL?

This is such great blog fodder that I had to pull myself back together to write it...

A little over a year ago, I was on eHarmony and not enjoying it at all. I was, however, trying to keep my spirits up and enjoy meeting new and hopefully interesting men.

After a few emails and a phone call, I met one guy for lunch who absolutely bored me to tears. I blogged about the lunch and the rest of my dating woes here.

Coincidentally, this was the same post where I realized that I deserved to be adored by the man in my life. I thank Gentleman Jack for filling in that role nicely.

During the boring lunch date, my brain was conjuring up all sorts of ways to scare the crap out of this guy. He was professing how he and his son love the TV show, Leave it to Beaver. He was so enthusiastic about the "Beaver" that I ended up making a double entendre joke about it.

Well, that joke spurred his interest in my sex life and I, having no off-button at the time, spilled all about my sexual exploits in an attempt to send the very obvious message, "You couldn't handle me dude."

Other than a text message inviting me to a movie two weeks later, which I promptly declined, I didn't hear from him after that.

Lo and behold, who should pop into my inbox last night but Mr. Beaver himself. The email was so funny to me that I immediately texted Gentleman Jack to share it.

After giving GJ the story on this guy, I read him the email:

"Hi T, remember me? How are you doing? Things here are going fine. I've been busy with little (Mr. Beaver), work a lot, and dating some. Which is sort of why I am reaching out to you. The last couple months I've been seeing this girl, and she's really fun, nice, smart, etc. And, well, she has an interest in meeting another girl. I remembered you too had an interest there, and (I feel totally awkward writing this) wondered if you would like to meet us out some time and see if there is anything there. I hope that did not come off the wrong way, but I remembered from lunch you were pretty enthusiastic about meeting someone and doing that.

I do hope you and the kids are well and it's beginning to be a good year. Let's be in touch."



Did this guy just approach me for a threesome? OMFG. And then 'Let's be in touch'?!

After I read the email to Gentleman Jack, he began clapping.

GJ: I gotta give it to him. I can't blame the guy for trying.

What? Are you kidding me? I don't hear from this guy for an entire year and now he's going to email me for a threesome?

GJ: Well baby, you pretty much blew his mind at lunch that day. He's probably been jacking off thinking about what a freak you are. So then he dates a girl who wants to be with a girl... who do you think he's going to think about? I can't believe you're surprised. You do leave a lasting impression.

I'm still cracking up over here. Wow. Gentleman Jack told me that I should email him back in a short "thanks but no thanks" kind of way but part of me wants to say, "Seriously dude? OMG. Really?!"

Online dating... ain't it fun?


  1. I think this is hilarious. I have had some similar 'way after the fact' communications.
    And your right, I did laugh out loud.. too funny.

    He remembers you as the one to call when you need a third.. :)

    you made me smile

  2. Oh my. Blushing over here. Big time.

    Fantastic blog fodder!

  3. This is quite funny, it amazes me what kind of people come out of the woodwork with online dating. I am always amused by the number of people who will contact you out of the blue.

  4. bwahahahaha this is classic because I got the EXACT same request a while ago!!!!!!!

    We really are mirror images T!!

  5. I agree with Rascal, you have to give him props for even having the balls to ask!

    LMAO, that's just too funny!

  6. "I gotta give it to him. I can't blame the guy for trying."

    I'm with Rascal 100%. I can't believe he actually asked you. That's hilarious!

  7. HA!! Well, I guess he figured it was worth a shot. There aren't a whole lot of women out there who are so open about sharing things like that. You definitely left a lasting impression.... ;-)

  8. My favorite part was after he suggested the 3some, he hoped the kids were well! Have him send you a picture of the girl before you dismiss him. Then, say you'll do it, but only if Rascal is the meat in the sandwich!

  9. So funny T - yeah, get a picture of the girl. Say you want a naked pic of them both. And then, when you are feeling down, pull it out (the pic that is) and giggle.

  10. I soooo don't miss online dating. There was a guy who just couldn't take the hint that I wasn't interested in him. And I wasn't really hinting. I can be ridiculously direct when I don't care. And I didn't care.

    But Rascal's right, you are memorable.

  11. OMG this is hilarious and bold!

    Best of all, I LOVE Rascal's reaction to it. Do you realize how freakin' cool your guy is?! Awesome!

  12. Love it!! Yes, I would be laughing too. But then I dont blame the guy for trying either. I mean, what guy would NOT remember a conversation like you describe having with him? Especially if he is Mr. Boring.??

    You never know what can crawl outta the woodwork with online dating.

  13. HA! Wow, that IS a riot!! What nerve of him to come back to you a year later!! You should have totally messed with him and said "sure, I'll be right over" ;-)

  14. Gotta go with give the guy props for asking. He obviously still dreams about your sex life. Don't be annoyed, be flattered and laugh.

  15. I'm with Rascal. I applaud the guy for trying!

  16. You do have to applaud the guy. You should write him back and tell him you've moved on from threesomes to foursomes to really blow his mind.

  17. I am shocked that if this guy is so boring, how he met a girl that is so open.
    You are memorable! Love it!

  18. Maybe she was trying to freak him out, just like you did? Too funny!

  19. You do have to give it to him, as Rascal suggested. You can't blame a guy for trying. hehe ;)

  20. Ha Ha! mmmh... so he obviously kept your email, just in case. You must have made quite an impression!

  21. Haha! Oh my! I have luckily not had such an interesting online dating experience. Wow!

    And you had the same reaction I would have! "Seriously?!" Hehehe.

  22. oh my!!! none of my online dates were that intereting! unless you count the physcho I married!! LOL!!!!

  23. I am totally rollin' over here. I think Rascal is right, you totally blew the guys mind. LOL

    I think internet dating is fun, it is how I met Hubs. :)


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