Monday, March 29, 2010

A Food Revolution

Oh how I remember the days of being a stay-at-home mother of one... or even at two children... when I was at home, I was the CEO of my household.

One of my major concerns was the type of foods that went into the bodies of my daughters. I even went so far as choosing the daycare options, once I went back to work, based on what food choices they offered the kids. I stayed away from artificial ingredients and processed foods. My daughters never drank soda or ate french fries. They got sweets but only rarely and even then it was a special treat. I preferred homemade meals or items made with few items... and those items were as close to their natural state as possible.

Yeah well, there are a lot of things that slip by the wayside once you become a single parent!

I'm not near as particular as I was back in the day. I am happy, however, that many of those habits remain. I developed some pretty particular taste buds in my little girls. They will be the first ones to tell you that things like cotton candy are WAY too sweet or that french fries are only ok in moderation or how many fruits they ate that day compared to vegetables.

We still eat dessert and enjoy our junk foods. In moderation. We read labels and avoid things like high fructose corn syrup, trans fats and other unpronounceable ingredients. We mostly shop the perimeter of the grocery store for fresh food items and cook at home as much as possible.

I honestly believe that a balance of these things, plus the use of natural medicine and good exercise, help keep all of us healthy, happy, and strong. I also believe that healthy foods make better students as well.

So when I saw the advertisement for Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution, I knew that I'd be a fan!

In the show, Jamie takes on the unhealthiest city in America and challenges America to take a closer look at the food that we put in our bodies and the bodies of our children. He is a British chef who, aside from being a popular face on the Food Network, apparently changed the British school food program. He would like to see the same thing happen in this country.

The show premiered on Friday evening and though I haven't watched it yet, it is recorded on my DVR. I also signed his petition for this food revolution. He plans to take the petition to the White House to show that America wants to be healthy. The badge for the petition is on my right side bar. Click it and sign.

Or better yet, tune in on Fridays at 9 p.m. EST on ABC. See if it doesn't make you think. He's so passionate about what he's doing that you can't help but get on board.


  1. great post! I enjoyed the show too...I can so relate..I was so much more on top of our food choices when I was home with the kids. However, alot of it has stuck..not all of it! sometimes convenience wins out..but most of it or at least some of it, has stuck!!

  2. Yeah, I'd heard Jamie Oliver had invaded the US. I love what he's done for childrens diets but have to confess that I can't abide his books - they're written in a faux-Estuary English to try and give the impression of his fairly inimitable patter and it just Many of my friends swear by the actual recipes, though. His restaurants, 13, are also a nice idea - they're staffed by previously unemployed young people who basically get a good solid training there.

    (Imagine a popular cook from New Jersey who spoke in a stereotypically Bronx type way. Then imagine that written down in a way that just doesn't quite work. Charming for a page. Not so charming for two hundred pages.)

  3. Sigh. When I was married, this was such a battle because my then husband was brought up on a strict diet of processed foods. We split up when our son was two, so I was able to exert MY food preferences with much more force at that point. (Sadly, he offset that by introducing our two-year-old to things like McDonald's and Taco Bell. Ugh.) Still, my kiddo has a pretty good understanding of what's healthy and what's not... and now he's even started giving his dad flack for it!

    At any rate, I'm right there with you. When my son started preschool, I specifically chose one that got its food from a local non-profit. The non-profit was actually a job retraining program for the poverty stricken and unemployed (similar, it sounds, to Jamie's restaurants). Of course, if you're training all those people to be cooks, you've got to do something with the food, right? So, they cater to a number of preschools and nursing homes in the Seattle area. And their food is FANTASTIC! My son used to come home talking about the polenta he had at lunch! He was eating better than I was!

  4. Great post with Food revolution..such a useful show for mother rather then kids.

  5. I've heard lots of buzz about this show....sounds interesting.

    I, too, used to be way more particular about what went into my little girl's bodies than I have been since becoming a single parent. Like everything else, it's tough!

  6. I love food. I just need to work on the moderation part... *Sigh*

  7. For someone that knows the value of eating right, I sure don't make my daughter eat healthy. She eats like a bird, so basically if I can get her to eat something, I don't care what it is.
    I need to work on this!

  8. i SO admire your diligence with your kids' eating habits! my ex is vegetarian, and when we were first together we even went macrobiotic for awhile. we know the right way to eat. somehow we've gotten lost along the way with our kids, though. we sort of gave up when our son became pickier and pickier. i've been really discouraged about it. some days he will not consume anything except pringles, oreos, and vitamin water. he's underweight--has always been in the lower end for his age--but empty calories are not the answer. i told him that after spring break we're going on a new plan....

    it does seem to help to tell him about how his eating affects his health. i'm going to keep working on that. i told him there were people who helped people decide what to eat for a living (nutritionists, dieticians), and he didn't believe me! to prove it, i found a website on nutrition for kids, and he learned a lot.

  9. I love Jamie :)

    And his initiative is awesome!! Healthy eating effects every part of our lives!

  10. I am so happy I came across your blog today. I don't watch tv much (especially after I became a mom) and didn't know about this show. I wished I saw it, but I'm hoping its on I'll definitely be adding my name to the petition. Great blog

    Best wishes

  11. Why does being a single parent mean you can't cook healthy meals with fresh ingredients? I do it all the time. Most of my dinners take 30 min. to prepare. That's less time than heating up the oven and throwing in some pre-made thing!

    Great that you are hooked on this food revolution show. Have fun with it

  12. I watched the show... I was shocked. Maybe it's the part of the country where I live or how I was raised (we had fresh veggies from our garden with dinner every night when we could) but I was absolutely shocked at the attitude of some of the folks and it made me so so so sad that the kids couldn't even identify a potato or how they ate the nasty ground up chicken carcas just because it was shaped like a nugget and fried.

    I hope the revolution catches on and takes over!

  13. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this concept and have been an avid watcher of Jamie for a long time. Since the girls were little, I've always tried to teach them fruits and veggies and to TRY them once. Thankfully, they'd rather have that than anything else if given a choice. They both just down a box of blackberries each. ;)

  14. I love the food, the food revolution was awesome.


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