Saturday, March 6, 2010

Pass it on

A little while ago, Mindy over at Single Mom Says wrote a post about how she'd like to go to Las Vegas for her 40th birthday.

Her appeal to the city of Las Vegas was so awesome that I suggested she ask for donations for her trip. She hasn't done that so we're doing it for her. She's a single mom of four who's keeping her chin up despite the crap that life has sent her way. We're all experts at that now, aren't we?

This morning, Pippi put up a post with information to donate to Mindy's cause.

Here are Pippi's instructions:
If you are interested in making a donation, this link will take you to PayPal. Click on "Send Money," then click on "Personal," then click on "Gift." Type in my email address: and make a donation if you would like. This is a completely confidential process and I will not post who has made a donation. Also, please know that I am honest to a fault and will not use said funds to buy myself a new wardrobe.

I'm going to do what I can to help Mindy take one for the team (*giggle*). And Mindy, as far as I know, doesn't know we're doing this for her. She's a good friend, a supportive bloggy pal, and a great mom. I think she deserves to party like there's no tomorrow. Besides, she's invited us all to come with her, right Mindy?

Big love to you Mindy!! Hope your 40th is a smash!

And thank you Pippi for grabbing the ball and running with it!


  1. OMG!! You guys are AWESOME! I can't believe you did this. Um, hells yeah you better come if I make it there. I'm suddenly feeling very lucky. :)

    Thank you

  2. I hope this works... Vegas would be outstanding. Crossing my fingers and awesome idea T.

  3. Seriously, you uys are awesome!


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