Thursday, March 25, 2010

Reach down between your legs and rub...

Then rub it all over your body.

Because apparently, men (and some women) like it.

Check out their website for more information on how you can own Vulva Original.



Thanks to my friend De for the link. We're very twick and sisted.

And for the rest of you pervs out there, I can't even believe this or this is on youtube.

I so need to grow up...



    I don't even know what to say about that. WTF?

  2. Actually, the vagina exam was part of a 8-week series on Sex Ed. Jon and I saw it on British TV...I'm still not sure if we watched it to get educated...or, if indeed, we are also 13-years-old in our heads. ;)
    Maybe a bit of both.
    You'd be amazed by what they showed on TV during that series...during prime-time and all...maybe that's just 'cause we're American - nudity-shyness is not a European thing by any means!

    Your posts always make me smile :)

  3. Ummm. Yeah. I'm going to have to visit the links when I'm not at work. Er...not that I would ever work on the blog on company time...because that would just be wrong...



    That guy was hot! ;)

  5. This post was so perfect. You had both sexy and hilariously funny. Perfect! I loved the commercial btw.

  6. i had to click when i saw the title of this post on my feed! oy vey. i am not following these links because i'm a little queasy already today, but appropos of the "natural perfume" issue, you should check out "love doctor" Pat Allen's new book: "The Truth About Men Will Set you Free...But First It'll P*ss You Off." (asterisk not mine) She calls oral sex a "primal selection test" because of the pheromones in vaginal secretions. somebody actually did a study where they collected um, samples and had men sniff them. the ones from women who were ovulating were deemed the most "pleasant."


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