Thursday, June 24, 2010

Badass Single Mama (with awesome friends)

There are moments in the life of a single parent that stand out to me. Many of them have been documented on this blog.

You know those moments... when you realize you can go it alone? When you take on tasks you never thought you could and succeed?

As I mentioned last week, I was having refrigerator problems. I also mentioned that perhaps I'd try to fix it on my own.


It's working now. Woohoo!

A friend told me about a local appliance fix-it guy who will walk you through diagnosing the problem over the phone and will also order parts for you. Once I figured out what was wrong, I ordered the correct replacement part.

I had a neighbor who allowed me to borrow tools.

My girlfriend lived near the store that had the replacement part so she picked it up for me on her way home.

My friend J (who always has the right tool) and my brother also came over for pizza and put in the part for me. It was a really easy 5 minute job!

So yeah, I may not have actually fixed it on my own... but I did get it done. With a little help from my friends.

Maybe I didn't quite earn my badass badge but I definitely feel a whole lot less alone than I thought I was.

Perhaps I could use a tool belt?

Ok, oops! Wrong kind of tools... How about this one?

Because with the right tools (and friends), I think I could accomplish anything!


  1. Awesome! LOVE that you got it done and love that you have friends who help!!!!

  2. Just had to say that I loved your original "tool belt". I'm proud of you. I know how daunting these things can be when it's just you and the kids.

  3. That IS pretty cool, T.


  4. well that first tool belt can get a lot of things done for you too! ;)

  5. Is that first pic you? Cuz that's a hot pic!

  6. I'm feelin' you, T (figuratively, not literally ;))!
    You know I'm not a single mom, but when Jon deploys, I feel a huge sense of accomplishment and pride when I get something done that I thought maybe I couldn't do.
    Love you, ROCK!

  7. No...I think you had the right kind of tools with the first picture.

    Or better yet, combine the outfit in the first picture with the toolbelt in the second picture.

    Actually...a woman wearing a toolbelt can be extremely attractive. I remember the different women who used to appear on "Home Improvement" (that old Tim Allen comedy) and they looked hot.

    I'm sure it's a look you could pull off for Rascal.

  8. Good for you! I think you DID get it done on your own. After all, you created and nurtured the relationships that led to people helping you out. And I'm sure they know that you would do the same for them, which certainly never hurts.


  9. Yay! So good to measure life in small successes. I've got to get me that first tool belt. Um hm.

  10. I love it when I'm able to do things on my own that I previously relied on a man to do for me. So good for you!! :-) Sometimes we just have to venture out of our comfort zones now and again.

  11. Hehe. Glad you got your fridge fixed! =)

  12. That IS pretty Bad-ass of you! My kids and I still talk about my first "dude-task" after becoming a single mom - removing a snake from our house. How bad-ass is that? It got easier after that to take on things I never thought I could - or would!

  13. atta girl!!

    woot woot

    ummmmmmmm I pick the first tool belt for you to wear!

  14. Nice job, chica! I didn't realize you were still having problems, sorry! Guess I need to hide a key so when you need tools and I'm not home you can just go get 'em next time. :)

    Speaking of toolbelts, my mom got me one for Christmas a few years ago and embellished it. It has light pink feather boa outlining the pockets and flowers drawn on it. I LOVE IT! I wear it for all kinds of work aroudn the house. The old b/f hated it. He had to go.

  15. I am going to follow the crowd on this one! I like the 1st tool belt the best!

  16. can find the path and light the way for others as well.

    WTG TEE! A woman with a tool belt is SEXY AS HELL!!!

  17. Girl you are strong enough to fix any obstacle that gets in your way.

  18. I love being self sufficient. I've fixed my own appliances, done my own home repairs and general auto maintenance.

    It just makes me feel like I CAN do this alone, I'm choosing not to at the moment, but if things didn't work out with BLT and I, then I could take care of the girls and I on my own.

    I'm so glad you got your fridge working...job well done!!


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