Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Flow of thoughts in time of crisis

I believe that at any moment in time, someone could accuse you of something that you've never done. And they will be so convinced that they're right that nothing you do will change their mind.

I believe that just because you're being honest with someone, it doesn't mean that they still don't have a right to react to your honesty.

I also believe that just because someone reacts to your honesty, it doesn't mean that you should change your thoughts, shut down and/or never be honest with them again.

I believe that most people put on an act or mask when they're around others. But just because they do that, it doesn't mean that they don't know who they truly are on some level.

I believe that we all need to be reminded who we truly are.

I believe that sometimes, those reminders appear to be quite traumatic.

I also believe that when we stop putting on an act or mask and begin to show more of who we are, some people will start to fall away from our lives.

I believe that there is a power always looking out for our greater good.

I believe that change happens.

I believe in the changeless.

I believe we will only take as much abuse as we abuse ourselves.

I believe that age has nothing to do with maturity.

I believe that maturity has everything to do with listening, observing and not reacting.

I believe that 1% of acts committed by humans are selfless. The other 99% are completely (and mostly subconsciously) ego-driven.

I believe because of that, we all make mistakes and we always will.

I believe that our mistakes can make or break us.

I believe in loving the person even when I don't agree with their actions.

I believe that divorce lawyers deal with more ugliness than criminal lawyers.

I believe that divorce affects a family as much as, if not worse than, cancer.

I believe that family isn't always determined by blood.

I believe that we all need space to process change and traumatic reminders.

I believe that love is boundless.

I believe that this too will pass.


  1. Wow, I love this on SO many levels. It's partially what's on my mind right now and plays so well into a draft post I started yesterday.

  2. thats pretty eerie. i was just thinking about your first point this very morning. Someone could very easily accuse you of something and be SO sure they are right that you will never change their mind.

  3. I believe in a lot of this too.

    I also believe there are many who dont even think about it.

  4. Well said, Mindy. A lot of people just don't think, period.

    Great post.

    Do YOU believe that Republicans are happier than Democrats? LOL!

  5. *hugs*

    This too shall pass indeed.

  6. Very powerful. Well said. And you are so right, although it is painful to admit that I am ego-driven. Ouch. I'd much prefer to think of myself as selfless.

  7. And I believe you are one of the most insightful, open-minded, honest bloggers I read.

    Thanks for this, T — just having the consciousness about this is a start ...

  8. "I believe that maturity has everything to do with listening, observing and not reacting."

    This is exactly what I am working on right now T.


    You are an awesome and brave woman, and your words inspire and help.



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