Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Goal! And Give!

Unless you've been living under a rock (and apparently, as a country, we have been), you'll know that the largest sports event in the world is happening right now in South Africa.

That's right, ya'll. Soccer. The World Cup!

And today, the USA advanced in the competition with 1 goal against Algeria!!! It was a beautiful sight to behold:

I mean... wow. Up to that point, it was a real nail biter.

I dunno. If you've never watched soccer, I'd recommend starting now. Everyone on the planet is watching!!

Between my trip to Europe last year where I enjoyed watching Manchester United with my friends and watching my own daughter play, I can't help but be hooked.


This just in: our friend and favorite bald guy, Canadian Bald Guy, really wants to fly his daughter down for her summer visit. He rarely gets to see her and she's at that tween stage.... you know... so she really needs her daddy.

I saw that he was tweeting that he needed $250 to pay for her airline ticket so, I donated a little bit to his paypal account.

If you're up for it, feel like showing a great, loving single dad some love, hit his paypal account at

Anything will help.

And yes, I'm being sneaky. He has no idea that I've sent him money or that I'm pimpin' the blog for him. He totally deserves it. Such a great daddy and friend to us bloggers.

Thanks ya'll.


The goal has been reached! CBG has acquired the funds needed to fly his daughter down for two weeks this summer. He is thrilled! And I'm pretty stoked that there's lots of love in the blogosphere!


  1. Isnt the soccer just great :) I am not a huge fan but its impossible not to get caught up in it!!

    Hope he gets the money together!!

  2. Jon & I were exhausted after that game...HA!
    England scored early which meant we HAD to WIN to move on to the round of 16.
    92nd minute...seriously?! AWESOME!

  3. Way to go, girl! Good for you. Hopefully we'll be able to get him the cash to see her. :-)

  4. What a great thing you are doing by promoting CBG! I follow his blog and really think he is a great dad. I will donate today. It is good to see the power of blogging as we all connect as a community!

  5. We've been getting up at 4 ... daily ... the dog, too! Exhausting but, especially after yesterday, exhilarating!

    As for CBG, you are a good friend with a big heart, T. Anyone would be lucky to consider you a friend.

  6. Hey T,

    I am a GREAT DAD! I have 3 children and we have never been to Hawaii together!

    You are a great person to do that for him!!

  7. Tonya, I already emailed you personally to express my sincere gratitude, but I also wanted to thank you here, as well.

    I'm so very grateful to have you as a're an amazing woman inside and out.

    Thank you, T. You rock.




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