Thursday, June 10, 2010

The Questions

I'm getting excited about attending my high school reunion this weekend with Gentleman Jack. We did have some of the same groups of friends when we were in high school together. We were acquaintances and yet, we barely spoke or hung out together at all.

I'm also bringing a few photo albums and videos from our high school days, including old photos of both Gentleman Jack and Soldier. (Though not photographed together.)

I KNOW the questions are going to come up.

"So... you dated (Soldier), didn't you? What happened there?"

I know he won't be there. Don't ask me how I know that... I just know he won't be.

But yes, I'll have to explain the whole story of how we reconnected, broke up, and then stopped speaking after his return from Iraq. I pray to God that I have the strength to be impeccably kind with my words. I hope that those people asking, who liked who he was (such a great guy!), won't be able to see the bitterness I sometimes still struggle with because I lost him as a friend.

And then there will be the inevitable question of, "Dating guys from our high school class? What's up with that, T? Are there no dateable men in Dallas?"

Oh and after I explain that the Gentleman Jack thing was a totally unplanned and beautifully unexpected surprise in my life, the next question will be, "So... who's moving? You or him?"

Then, "Well, if neither of you are moving, why continue?"

Yeah... not looking forward to those.

Then again, I recall my previous high school reunion when I'd been separated from my ex-husband for a little over a year, had gone from a high-paying, high-tech career to a stay-at-home-mom to a part-time and eventually full-time office manager job, my father was dying, my house was on the market, I had no dating prospects of ANY sort....

Back then, I bought myself the sexiest red dress and worked that reunion like I OWNED it.

Not a single person asked me those prying questions. Instead, all I heard was how gorgeous I looked and how amazing my life must be.

It's a decision: acknowledging that I do indeed live an amazing life.

Time to own it. Again.

Have a great weekend ya'll.


  1. So....ummm...gonna use that sexy red dress again? Or have you got something else in mind?

  2. Hope you have a fabulous time, T! Own your awesomeness!!!

  3. Thanks for the inspiration. Time for me to work my life and own it.

    Have a fantastic time!

  4. That's awesome...own it, and um, I think we need pics of the hot outfit too! :)

  5. Sounds like a perfect plan. I have a feeling the questions wont come up but if they do, you will do just fine. Have a great time!

  6. You have a wonderful life girl. Own that! You have 2 beautiful well adjusted girls. An amazing man and amazing realtionship. You are very aware of who you are and are healthier than 90% of the women out there. You are georgous inside and out.
    SO OWN THAT GIRL!!!!!!!

  7. Videos of high school? Geeze, all we had was those big cameras with the black cape and a tray of flash powder!

    Work this reunion like you own it too!! Just stay in the 'now' and don't fret other peoples opinion. You just need to keep yourself happy.

  8. I put on our High School Reunion when the "cheerleaders" failed to do it. I just couldn't imagine not having one so I went ahead and did it. People couldn't believe I did it... They all said that of everyone that we went to school with, I would have been the LAST one to plan it... (680 kids) It was a great experience. I talked to people that I never thought I would have talked to. We had a great turn out and it was probably one of the most memorable events of my life to date. Have a great time " T " and don't forget to "work" that room!!

  9. I'm sure you'll have a fabulous time.

    I think reunions are bigger here than in England. I haven't been to a single one. I did consider going back to my college reunion but decided not .. bad timing, other things to do with the money.

  10. I hope your classmates mind their own business. ;)

    Have a great time! I know you'll be just fine, especially with Rascal by your side. =)

  11. OXOX!!!! You were beautiful at this one too!

  12. Can't wait to hear about the reunion! I know first-hand that when you enter a room... you shine. You're so good with people, and empathetic to your core.


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