Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Random thoughts on a Tuesday

Wow. You all never cease to amaze me in your supportive comments. Thank you again for reading, listening and caring too.

You REALLY like me!!

And I love you too.


I have a few posts brewin' but no time to write at the moment. So I thought I'd give a quick update on all that's going on.

1. I've moved past the whole wanting to contact Soldier thing. I've realized that I've pondered this thought more than once since we split up. Whenever I spend time thinking about it, I also realize the utter silliness behind it. In NO WAY do I want to mess up what I have with Gentleman Jack.

I think you guys had it right. Its that whole closure thing. And the bad-boy attraction that I had for him....which lead me nowhere... so... I'm chartering a new course now and still wondering where it leads me.

I do know this much though: I'm stronger for it. And much happier too.

2. Last night I had a dream about McSteamy. He looked effin awesome but he was an ass. Perhaps I'm doing a little bad boy purging subconsciously too? 

3. I woke up this morning and found the strange lump was gone. I'm still going to get my mammogram tomorrow though. I promised Sage so he wouldn't karate chop me in the pituitary gland.

4. I am so loving Skype. Gentleman Jack and I have only just recently started Skyping and enjoy it so much. The weirdest part of it is that when we're together in real life, we're usually touching. To see him and not be able to touch is TORTUROUS!

The best part is how cute he gets when it's time to say goodbye. He absolutely hates to hang up so we have to do the 1-2-3 and hang up at the same time. I know, it's totally high school-ish but dangit, I love how he loves me.

5. I'm going to dinner tonight with my kids and some friends, including Gem and my sweet TNT. TNT is bringing his new girlfriend to meet me too. I like that he said, "She needs to accept my T. If not, then I will have to kick her to the curb!"

And no, he didn't tell her that we were once friends with benefits. Some things are just better left unsaid, ya know?

How do you explain to your significant other that one of your best friends was also your lover at one time? It wasn't easy for Gentleman Jack at first either...

6. Last night, I watched the documentary on the band Rush called Beyond the Lighted Stage. LOVE it. I became a Rush fan in high school while in my first band. Maybe it's only nerds and musicians that love them? Forget it, they had me hooked at 2112.

7. I'm also a little overwhelmed this week because Gentleman Jack and I are heading out on another vacation next week. Details to follow soon! Lots to do until then!

8. I saw a pic of QT's new man. *drool* That's all I'm gonna say about that. SO excited for her!


I will get caught back up at work and get a better post up tomorrow. Hope everyone is enjoying their week so far.

Love and kisses!!


  1. good girl and thank you. That Sage fella will F a pituitary gland all the way up, or so I hear.

    Hey don't hate on bad boys.......

    just sayin.

    Thanks girl, I am waiting to hear.

  2. I'm jealous, I want to know what QT's hottie looks like!

    Hope your vacation is fan-freakin-tastic.

    It's funny that you say you and Rascal touch a lot when you're together. I never realized I touch BLT constantly. He told me his father recently said, "that girl loves you." BLT said, "how can you tell?" and dad replied, "I can tell by the way she touches you all the time. But you take my word son, even if she loves you she won't take any bullshit from you, so don't mess this up!" LMAO. I guess he got my number right away, huh?

  3. Ok, I'm going to have to live vicariously through you. At the rate things are going, our next vacation is going to be our honeymoon. And I'm afraid that won't be happening until April. Poor sucks! ;)

  4. I totally get the bad boy thing....although I've never actually dated one. ;-)

    CBG is a reformed bad boy...does that count?? lol

  5. I dated a bad boy. It wasn't anything to brag about, really. ;)

    And thanks! I think he's a hottie too. WOOOOOOO!!

  6. I wanna see a pic of QT's man ;-) And um, the vaca with Rascal...deets, sounds fun! And I am glad the lump is gone!!!

  7. Yes, we really like you. :)

    And that's quite a post for not being in the mood. Too funny about the McSteamy dream.

    Glad you are going through w/the mammy.

    Re: QT's man - I KNOW! Lucky girl, huh?

  8. You had me at the picture of McSteamy! He is HOT!
    Skyping huh??? *Smile*
    Can't wait to hear about the vacation!

  9. Did you doubt our love, too?
    Sheesh, girl — get a grip!

  10. Glad to hear the lump is gone! But yes, do have it checked.

    I will be skyping like crazy come fall, when my daughter heads off to college. :-)

  11. your random thoughts are good too, i think its good that you are well now but to be on the same side, get yourself checked from time to time

  12. Ohhh McSteamy... order me up one of those!!

    Yet again your life mirrors mine with the bad boy ex playing on my ex-rated dreams all week too..

    Glad all ok with you


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