Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Random thoughts on a Wednesday

I'm not feeling 100% right now. I've not been sleeping straight through the night for some reason. I've ramped up all of my natural remedies and hope for a deep sleep tonight.

I'm running a bath for myself now. If only I could follow that bath with a massage for my aching muscles...


My refrigerator is not cooling these past few days either. As my Gentleman so eloquently put it, "Ah the trials of the single folk."

Yeah, it'd be nice to have someone to help with it or another salary to help pay to fix it or buy a new one....

Then I thought, "Ya know what? I'm pretty darn resourceful. I wonder if I could fix it?"

And I've been working on it. I mean, I was a systems engineer for many years. It also helps to have a fix-it man to call who knows all about appliances.

Now, if only the ex hadn't taken all of the tools... for some reason, I doubt a hammer and single screwdriver are gonna do the trick.



Today was Rose's last full day of school. I'm fortunate enough to work close to her school so that I could attend their end-of-year party.

They did a field day of sorts. Remember field day? They did sack races and egg toss and red rover. It was pretty cute despite the fact that I was standing outside in the heat in high heels. I didn't think to dress for field day when I left for work this morning.

The cutest part of that was watching how she and her little boyfriend would do what they could to stand by each other. Then when I tried to take their picture, they got all shy and stuff.

He says he's a 'chick magnet'... this 8 year old who's won my daughter's heart. Heh. That just cracks me up.


Well, I'm going to go relax in my bath with another dose of vitamin C. Before I go, I wanted to say Thank You ... to all of you who comment here every day. And Thank You to those who don't comment but send me sweet emails telling me how you love the blog. And Thank You to those who read silently and never tell me who you are.

You guys make my days with your support and love.

Thanks again. My bath is calling.

Night all.


  1. Sorry to hear about your fridge. That sucks.

    Of course, at this point in my life, I kind of like being forced to be resourceful and rely on myself more. Good luck with your fix-it job!!


  2. Hmmm...formspring, eh? I dunno...that could get old quick.

    Like for me, FourSquare got old REALLY quick. It was kinda fun at first, but then I'm like...why in the heck am I telling everybody where I am every minute of the day? How egotistical am I?

    Anyway...I'm sure there's lots of people who want to ask you questions, so I'm sure it'll work pretty good for you.


  3. Not the fridge! I'd be lost without mine. It's magic. Why, just yesterday I came home and found a bottle of my favorite Margaritaville pre-mixed margaritas in the fridge and another on top. See? MAGIC!

  4. Re: Formspring.

    I dunno. If I get some good questions, I thought they'd be great ideas for blog posts.

    We'll see!

  5. Well I hope it gets better over there!

  6. I agree that formspring can make for some very interesting ideas. I for one can't wait to see that some people ask you!

  7. I <3 you too.

    And Rose sounds like me as a kid. I loved having a boy to crush on. Lol.

    Feel better girly! I'm in the same boat. =/

  8. I'll be interested to see how the formspring thing goes. Let us all know if we need to jump on that bandwagon with you!

    Hope you get that fridge fixed!

  9. Sack races are a blast!!

    Hope you feel better soon.

  10. Yeah ... that fridge thing .. I do get really tired of things that break around the house and being the person responsible for getting them fixed.

    I got back from vacation to find my yard looking very bad ... sprinkler system is broken. Turns out some critter chewed through connector wires. I'm setting traps tomorrow.

    And ... the TVs aren't working properly. The satellite company is coming out tomorrow - that took a 25 minute phone call to trouble shoot to the point where they accepted they needed to come out.

    Can't wait till the kids can take some of this on .. but will they?

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