Sunday, June 13, 2010

Reunion: the first night

I'm worn out, ya'll. I was not feeling 100% late last week and now, after staying up late 3 nights in a row, I've lost my voice and my mojo. I think I'm going to take a nice hot shower and call it a night.

But first, about the reunion...

I had a blast.


Not a single question came up either.

The weirdest part of reuniting with old classmates is all the OLD shit that still lingers.

"Oh, I never liked him. He was a jerk."


"She's crazy and always has been."


"She ALWAYS had it bad for him. You didn't know?"

And I'm like... REALLY?!?

Which shows how clueless I was in high school. 5 guys were my best friends, 4 of which I was able to hang out with all weekend. LOVE my big brothers!!

But as far as everyone else, I never knew some of that stuff. I always gave everyone the benefit of the doubt, apparently. Or tried to see good in them. Or they were always nice to me. Or something like that.

I did get together with "my guys" aka my big brothers for lunch on Friday. At lunch I realized that the dress I'd borrowed for our cocktail reception Friday night was still hanging at my office. Grrr...

So, I had to go shopping for another one. Darn!

Gentleman Jack and I got all glam and met our classmates that night. We were greeted with "Its (GJ) Friday!"

That's funny because every weekend that I'm going to see him, I change my Facebook status to (Gentleman Jack) Friday. Our classmates not only picked up on it, some of them changed their FB statuses to it that day too! Ha!

There was a slideshow that featured lots of pictures from high school and some recent ones too. Plenty of pics of me and my man were in that show.

I also loved that everyone doted on us as a couple. More than once we were told that if there was a "cutest couple" or "king and queen" at the reunion, it would be us. (Though I know another awesome couple that are already the cutest couple in my eyes!)

After the reception, several of us met at a local steakhouse bar for continued cocktails. Someone mentioned something about FB friends and I realized that one classmate at our table wasn't my FB friend anymore. I asked her about it. And because truth serum works, she smiled at me over her martini and said,

"I unfriended you when you started dating Gentleman Jack. I had a thing for him. And I didn't need you two and your mushiness in my face."

Um... wow.

She begged for forgiveness and would like to send another friend request my way for consideration.

But wait.

There's more.

First, let me say this:

Gentleman Jack makes a point, when we're out together, to stay by my side. He says he's protecting me from other men who may want to pick me up.

People, let me tell you something... I need to be protected not from men, but from the women who are in love with my man.

I kid you not.

At this steakhouse bar, Gentleman Jack walks over to me with a really tall lady and introduces her to me as a long time friend of his. She's drunk, this friend, and she promptly says to me:

"Hi T. I've heard so much about you. Ya'll are too cute together. So cute that it makes me sick. I'm extremely jealous of you. You're gorgeous and you've landed this guy that I want so bad. He's my angel, you know. You've taken my angel."

I was speechless.

Then later, as I ran into her again in the ladies room, she says,

"I know I shouldn't be saying all of this but I swear, if you didn't exist, I would so try to get with him. He's my angel. Do you know that? Do you realize what a great guy you have there? If you didn't exist...but he loves you. He's crazy in love with you and wants to take care of you.  Lucky. You. You're lucky."

I smiled at her, agreed that "yes, I do have a wonderful man" and "did she have someone to drive her home?"

After the encounter, I joined my man back at the bar, wrapped my arms around his neck, and planted a huge kiss on his mouth.

Then I took him home and fucked his brains out.

Because I could.


  1. The end of your post almost made me soak my computer screen with the water I was drinking. LOL T!

    And it's really amazing how some women just never grow up. I'm glad you had a good time though!

  2. LOL, good for you! I admit that I dig it when some girl is checking out BLT when we're together. I know that when we get home I get to do all the pervy dirty things I want to him, and she's jealous!

    MMMM, he's just SO CUTE I can't stand it. Poor guy, he's like, "Doll you are insatiable!" what he doesn't realize is it's a new affliction and all due to him!

  3. And this is why I love you. You rock. You're my hero.

  4. oh man, t. sounds like you had a blast, but those two "friends"....yikes. proves what i always say, wimmens is crazy b*tches! (present company excluded, of course)

  5. Damn! That chick sounds crazy!! But clearly right on that you have a keeper in Rascal...agree with Sunshine, well played ;-)

  6. Lol, love that last part! You go, T!

  7. You women are TERRIBLE... men are nothing but SEX OBJECTS to you!!!

    THANK GOD!! (smiles)

  8. Wow, what a reunion! Maybe I oughta start going to mine ...

    Always interesting when women have a thang for our guy. Of course, you handled it as I would have ... ;-)

  9. I told you they would be jealous!!!
    You crack me up!

  10. LMAO. Great ending. Always amazes me what people will say.

  11. That's great! I love the drunk woman who wants rascal for herself. Gotta love reunions.

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