Monday, June 14, 2010

Reunion: the second night

Since Gentleman Jack had his boys over the weekend, we were unable to participate in many of the daytime reunion activities on Saturday. We did meet a few classmates for a drink and some dinner before we went out to one of our favorite dance clubs from our high school days.

Now, because it was our high school reunion, and because I'm crazy like that, I dressed up in tight, black faux leather spandex pants and a Duran Duran t-shirt and crimped my hair for a full-on 80's look. I'd considered this outfit, or a more conservative one, to wear out that evening. After talking to my classmates, however, I was highly encouraged to pull out the stops and BRANG IT.

Oh and it was brought.

Gentleman Jack and I were looking smashing as we joined our friends on the dance floor Saturday night.

During the evening, another classmate reminisced about the old dancers that used to work at this particular night club. Like go-go dancers, these girls would climb up on to "boxes" that flanked the DJ and dance all night.

Since the place was rented out for us, when the Grandmaster Flash song White Lines came on, I could no longer control myself. This girl, in her spandex, snakeskin high heels and Rio t-shirt that hung off one shoulder, climbed my 40 year old self up onto a box and danced my ass off.

Hey, since the band reunion didn't work out, I had to work my rock star style somehow!

Gentleman Jack stood at my feet and snapped photo after photo as I was cheered on by my classmates. Then, after the song was over, he helped me down from the box and we began dancing together on the dance floor. Gentleman Jack, feeling frisky, got down on his knees to "worship" me and my really cool shoes.

As he began to take one of my feet in his hands, one of our friends ran to us and squealed, "He's going to do it!!"

Gentleman Jack and I looked to each other and to her, confused.

Our classmate, our wonderful friend, had it cemented in her head that Gentleman Jack was going to propose to me.

We laughed and went on to explain to her that neither of us are in any rush for a wedding but thanks for getting so excited about it. Ha! She's so dang sweet.


We had a wonderful weekend all in all. We did encounter a few minor things we needed to work through but wow. We worked through them.

As Gentleman Jack says, "I'm never worried when we encounter these things. I believe that you and I can work through anything. We have so far."

The most ironic part of dealing with these things is that he's becoming less of who I thought he was and more of who he actually is. And the more real he becomes... the more I love him.


  1. O-M-G, love the outfit!

    You and Rascal are so fabulous together. It makes me a little hopeful. ;)

  2. See...all day long my patients told me I needed to go to my reunion. And now you're making me wish it were possible. Living vicariously through usual.

  3. Glad you had such a good time, T. But "White Lines"? Meh...

  4. Sounds like you had a blast! The photos are hilarious!! :)

  5. HOT STUFF!!! Love it!! And love the last line of this post- that's just awesome.

  6. Sounds like you had a blast!! I love what you two have too! Makes me think that maybe someday I will try it again!

  7. I LOVE the outfit! Too friggin cool! And I totally love you for getting up on the speaker! You are a rock star!

  8. That's awesome! I love it. Glad you had such a great time.

  9. Now you got me Hungry like the Wolf!

  10. T- I have a new appreciation for you! Leather pants, rocker shirt, dancing on the box... and by the way.. you look extremely sexy! Isn't it great when you can throw caution to the wind, to hell with whatever anyone else thinks and let it all hang out... I loved my reunion, I'm glad you had such a great time! Now, could you put that picture up in a higher resolution?? when it's blown up... it's blurry..! LOL

  11. If I looked like you, I'd be dancing my ass off on boxes, too!


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