Saturday, June 26, 2010

Sending love...

Just wanted to put up a quick post sending out some bloggy love to another one of the best single dads I know, Jim at Depot Dad.

Jim's been fighting melanoma cancer for a couple of years now. Every time he gets on top of it, the bitch comes back with a vengeance.

She's trying to kick his ass again... grrr.... and he won't know anything for sure until sometime next week.

Please go visit Jim and wish him strength. Or at the very least, to all of those bloggy readers that are more funny than me, leave a comment or something to make him laugh. He has THE ABSOLUTE BEST laugh I've ever heard on another human being. He also continues to amaze me with his tenacity and strength. Talking with him is guaranteed to make you smile. He's a beautiful, sensitive, loving soul.

I'm thinking of you, friend. You know I'm crazy about your awesomeness...

Here's a link back to a post I wrote after meeting Jim for the first time. Check it out: Inspired

Send some prayers and healing vibes for my friend, ok?

And to you Jimbo?

Love love love love love.


  1. Yeah, Jim is the best. Sending lots of love and positive vibes his way. I heart that pic of him too. :)

  2. A dear, close friend of mine went into the hospital last night for round five of her biochemo for the same condition. I'll head over, mama.


  3. Wow...will check his blog out, for sure. What a great bloggy friend you are...truly.

  4. Thanks for the love, T and readers. I'm passing the time until next week by hanging out with friends. Monday I'll find out if things are hopeless, or merely extremely crappy.

  5. I had the incredible honor to actually get to see Depot Dad for real this weekend. We shared a meal and laughed and talked... And it was a real treat!! Jimbo, you are the bravest guy I've ever met. You know that I love you. Right?


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