Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Sparks in the dark

It had been a really long day and he was exhausted. I was tired too. Still...there's something electric that happens when his skin touches mine. It's sort of like the wintry time of year when you pull the sheets up over you and you see sparks in the dark.

Yes. That's what happens. Sparks in the dark.

I had my back to him with every intention of falling asleep. Intentions....  I playfully pushed my backside up against his hand.


Subtly and softly, he began exploring the neverland of erogenous zones along my back. I was holding my breath in anticipation of where he'd touch me next. Reaching for me from behind is the never-fail approach for getting me turned on.

I reached back and found that, though his body was tired, he was very much ready for me.

That's when I realized that I had more energy than I originally suspected. And that's when I crawled on top of him.

I'm not sure what came over me but I decided right then to use him. I wanted only to masturbate and use him as my sex toy. The room was dark but I closed my eyes anyway. I was able to go completely into my own skin. No thoughts. No worries about his comfort. Nothing but... feeling what *I* wanted to feel.

I explored my own body as if I was pleasuring myself in my bed alone. I caressed my face and neck and then ran my hands through my hair. I touched my chest and stomach softly with the tips of my fingers. I pinched my nipples til I gasped.

He spoke.

He was watching. He began encouraging me with his words. I became self-conscious...

But he was enjoying this. This felt good to him too. He probably saw nothing more than a shadowy visual sensually writhing on his body. I continued my discovery of self-pleasure.

I reached down and felt my own throbbing moistness and began circling my fingers the way I would in private, away from my lover.

He came alive with energy as we built rhythm. I responded to his words and quickening breath. He responded to the stimulating movement of my hips.

The sparks exploded as fireworks behind my eyelids. I weakly collapsed on top of him in a heap of moist skin. He lifted my hair from my neck and blew gently to cool me off.

I slid into my favorite space - the perfect fit in the crook of his arm - and he continued to caress my face.

"Thank you lover." I whispered quietly, kissing him.

"My pleasure! And apparently yours too," he laughed. "And um, anytime you want to use me as your toy, don't hold back."

How wonderful to feel such comfort, I thought, and soon dozed off into a contented slumber.


  1. Wow.

    And really...what man DOESN'T want to be used as a toy with his lover??

    Excuse me...need to take a cold shower.

  2. Damn! And here I just posted about Viagra. Guess I need to look for someone a bit younger.

  3. Oh, dear. I do believe I'm flushed. And um, anytime you want to use him as a toy and write about it on your blog, don't hold back.

    Snark B

  4. There is the old T. Comfort is a wonderfully sexy thing!
    I will be using this thought tonight to create my own, ummm comfort! *wink*

  5. Great. Kind of different from my experience last night. Thrilled for you. Sad for me. And even more horny and unfulfilled than before. *sigh* Time to take matters into my own hands?


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