Wednesday, September 22, 2010

I don't feel it when he kisses me there...

Yesterday, I went in for a 1 year post-surgery follow up appointment with my plastic surgeon.

I'd had some concerns since my tummy tuck surgery last August.

(For more posts regarding the surgery, thoughts before and after, check out the posts labeled 'surgery'.)

My concerns were nothing major, really... just some unexpected things.

For instance:
  • When I do ab workouts, instead of the regular abdominal soreness, I feel a stinging pain.
  • I am still not able to focus on my core when doing yoga or other exercises. It's almost as if I don't have muscle control there anymore.
  • Numbness. Lots of numbness.

The problem that I have with discussing these items with my plastic surgeon is that HE'S A PLASTIC SURGEON.

His answer is:

"Honestly, the women who have this surgery just want to look good in a bikini. They don't 'work out' or do 'abdominal exercises' or even know what a 'core' is."


In other words, do you look good? Then I did my job. Buh bye.

I guess I'm not a normal plastic surgery type of patient. I didn't have the surgery to "look good in a bikini".

Ok, yes, that is an added bonus.

I did this surgery because I honestly thought my tummy was retched looking.

Remember the before and after photos? (And it looks even better now!)

I was ever hiding my stomach when I was naked. I couldn't even stand when a man would touch me there. Yes, a tummy is a wonderful erogenous zone but when I was kissed there... I cringed.

"I know you don't feel it when your boyfriend kisses you there now," the plastic surgeon said, "but it does look better now, right? Surely the fact that you feel better about it aesthetically, helps you?"

OK. I guess so. Certainly, a new landscape helps when I peer down and see my man's face going lower and lower...

But it definitely makes me think twice about considering a breast lift. Nipple feeling is VERY IMPORTANT!

What about you? Would you go through body augmentation for appearance and sacrifice feeling?

I've heard the same about penile surgeries too. Yikes!


  1. Thats what I'm afraid of... the numbness. I really wanted a clit piercing, but I heard it numbs the area. So ummmm NO WAY!

  2. That's a tough call. I probably would have done the tuck, for the same reasons, but at the same time, never having feeling there is kind of an odd thing, and I am sure I would miss it too. Lame doctor excuse if you ask me!

  3. I have a serious case of "Mommy tummy". Ugh. Forever doing my best to hide I can relate.

    I used to say that I'd never have plastic surgery, but as I've gotten older, it's definitely something that seems more appealing now than it used to.

    At the end of the day, I think I would prefer feeling over appearance. But give me another 5 years...the answer might be different. ;-)

  4. I had mine done seven years ago and I am just now begining to have feeling there. You do get use to the numbness.

  5. I could use a couple more inches... my GF says I'm larger than most and insatiable... but what could two inches hurt! (smiles)
    You're tummy looks HOT T, besides, it's the destination.... not the journey in this scenario....!


  6. And since you posted a HNT... I'm going to do the same thing.... what the hell, ya only live once!

    Hugs again!

  7. Nerves grow back at 1 mm per day. At that rate, it can take years to recover from nerve damage. So it wouldn't be surprising if you regain sensation several years from now.

  8. I'm a big fan of natural. Oh, and I'm a magnum man, so I won't be saying Yikes anytime soon. Sorry to hear the feeling isn't there anymore. Protect those boobies from the knife!

  9. My poor body has been put through the shredder after having two kids. I definitely have the stretched out mommy tummy, after having two kids back-to-back. And my boobs? Ugh.

    I have definitely considered having some plastic surgery done (when I can financially do it). I'd love a tummy tuck, and a boob job. Tummy tuck is obvious. Boobs I would like to shrink down to a small D (I'm a 36DD) and then lifted.

    For now, I'm just working on accepting the fact that I have plusher areas, because of my pregnancies. And of course work on them, when my freaking back doesn't want to be a whore.

  10. Id be freaked out if I had surgery and experienced numbness months after. Are you going to get a second opinion on whether this can be fixed?

  11. See, these are my concerns. (Oh, that and paying for it.) I always joke that there's nothig wrong with me that being sucked, tucked, and lifted couldn't fix. Is it worth it to lose feeling in some of my favorite sure.

    PS. Your tummy looks fabulous!

  12. I am as vain as they get unfortunately. I worry about my body all the time, so I would probably do it if I needed to. However, my sexuality is becoming more important to me also, so maybe not! I would be torn.

  13. I want this is bad way and would have no problem loosing sensation as a trade off.

    I just wish they took payments, lol, because this single momma can't afford it.

    But if I could afford a few thousand to make myself less self concious when naked I would JUMP at the chance.

  14. I posted to my blog (both in "real life" and, later, my pseudonymous blog) my lamentations about losing my hair... and the fact that my hair is getting darker. I used to be a natural blond, and that's how I identify myself, but the color has turned more of a light brown.

    What was the response I got from my female readers? SHAVE IT OFF! Go bald. Revel in my age, don't try to defy it.

    Well, I remain self-conscious about my own flabby belly. I was working it off via exercise until I blew out my knee. Latest word is it'll be 9 months to a year post-surgery before the doctor will clear me to return to my former regimen (tae kwon do). Grrr. So, the flab gets worse.

    Two points:

    1) would I resort to invasive means to get rid of the flab? Well... yes, if I thought it would make me more attractive and thereby make it easier to find a mate. And yet... if I lost feeling, doesn't that defeat the point of trying to attract a mate? I mean... isn't mating part of the whole getting-a-mate thing?

    2) while I worry about my own hairloss and belly flab, and while women tell me not to worry about it, the converse is also true: you ladies are *gorgeous* without needing surgical help.

    Truly, and I know I'm going to sound square for saying this (probably because I am), but LOOKS FADE. However, smart is sexy, and that doesn't fade. Smart... and smiles. (And T, you have plenty of both, from what I've read and the few photos I've seen. A lovely smile.)

    Ladies, I'll take a smart woman who can smile and laugh and share good conversation over a beautiful bimbo any day.

    And besides... I want you to feel it if I'm doing something you might like!

  15. Holy crap that was a year ago already? Wow time flies. No I'd pass on it.

  16. To answer your question - NO!

    I have a few ugly scars on my leg from my hip surgeries - I am very conscious of them and if I ever had the money lying around I would definitely make them go away!

    But its not something I care enough about to save or anything :)

    Having said that maybe if I had money to to throw around I would consider a bit of a tuck or something ;)

  17. Ah, plastic surgery. I'm having some purely cosmetic work done on my teeth - is that the start of the slippery slope?

    I'm balding. Once a month, I go to the barbers and have it razored down to a 0. If its good enough for Bruce Willis and Patrick Stewart...


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