Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Practice of Love

There is one post I've written that I go back to over and over again. It is one of my favorites.

It is a post entitled: Meeting you where you are

I actually revisited this post earlier this year when I wrote about allowing.

In the original post, I wrote about how yoga and A Course in Miracles both came into my life exactly when I needed them. I also wrote how they met me exactly where I was, at the time, and continue to meet me as I improve in my yoga practice and learn more about my spirituality.

In that same post, I stated that I believed love would meet me where I was too.

I believed that no matter what baggage I carried, no matter what sort of healing I had left to do, someone would come into my life and meet me exactly where I was then and fit me perfectly.

I was right.


When I think back on that post, however, I have overlooked one beautiful thing:

My spirituality and my yoga are both ongoing practices.

In each of them, I have learned to accept myself right where I am. I have learned that there is no perfect yoga pose - it changes day by day, depending on how I feel. There is also no one-day-I-will-be-enlightened perfect spirituality, either. Enlightenment takes place in the now, not in some illusory moment in the future. Both yoga and my spiritual studies are evolving practices in acceptance. They both allow me to find peace right now as I grow stronger in both, without even trying.

Why have I not learned that about love?

Perhaps love is an evolutionary process of practice as well. Maybe instead of trying to see where love will take me, instead of wishing I was better at it, instead of hoping for some perfect manifestation of the best love there is... maybe I need to find peace as I grow stronger in allowing love right here, right now.

Perhaps if I stop putting pressure on myself to have perfect love, just as I stopped trying to have the perfect yoga and stopped looking forward to an enlightened future in time and space, maybe I will see the perfection of love in this moment in time.

After all, if I've learned anything from yoga and A Course in Miracles, it is this:

Happiness, love, peace and joy are not something to aspire to. They are as readily available to you the next breath you take.

Do you ever stop and acknowledge the very air you breathe?

Your next perfect moment is that close.


Originally published on a real life friend's blog: The Practice of Love. Thanks Tisha.

And yes... we REALLY did meet and become friends because of Harry Connick, Jr.

And because of that, my favorite (and my Gentleman's too!):

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  1. I used to love Harry Connick, Jr. Unfortunately, he became something I associated with the first I left him behind in the divorce.

    Enjoy! And I loved the post.


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