Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Bloggy Rolls and Yoda Wisdom

In the past month, two of the single mom bloggers that I read have gotten re-married.

Yes, they will more than likely always refer to themselves as "single parents" because, really, isn't it true? They may have someone to be intimate with every night or to share finances and household responsibilities with but their children are THEIR children. Doesn't that still give them a right to be called single parents?

*Or did I just step in some stinky doo?*

Anyway, I'm looking at my blog roll and I see these gals under my "Single Moms and Dads" list. Then I have other lists for "Singles" and "More Moms and Dads" who are not single. And who knows, these "singles" may get married soon and won't be single any longer so....


I've been thinking about changing up the blog rolls a bit. From some of the comments I received on why you read, many of you come here for the most excellent blog roll of most excellent bloggers. I certainly don't want to hinder things too much by changing it up so I thought I'd ask for opinions again.

Should I change the blog roll lists to "Gals" and "Guys" to include both singles, single parents, marrieds, and marrieds with kids? Or should I make it one big blog roll?

I read so many that I like it broken down somehow.

What about the sexy blog roll or the athletic inspirational blogs or the other inspirational blogs or the military blogs? Should I keep all of those separate from the regular blogs?

Thanks for your awesome bloggy advice!


On a completely different note, the kids and I have been watching all 6 Star Wars movies (thanks to my Gentleman for giving them to Rose for her birthday!). My girls are HOOKED!

I'd forgotten how much I adore the spiritual master, Yoda (duh) and all of his wisdom.

So, if you'll oblige me, I may be giving you some Yoda quotes over the next few weeks. That little green guy is BRILLIANT!


Hope you're having a great week!


  1. I think genre's would be better than labels. I struggle with labels and especially "single parent" - it's always seemed to me that there are degrees of single-parenthood and some married people are effectively single parents ...

    PS: I read your blog because I love your honesty and willingness to talk about the ugly emotions.

  2. Awesome Yoda picture!
    I got remarried this weekend and I have to say I do think of myself as a single parent still--but I know I can ask DH to do anything and he would. Also, I believe I chose really well for their step-dad b/c I could see the love in his eyes for my daughter as she walked down the aisle...but you're right I'm still a single parent in a lot of ways!

  3. Congratulations!!! I'm so excited to see so many happy couples! :)

  4. That's one of the biggest reasons why I'm a Yoda fan.


  5. You can put me whereever you want on your blogroll, I just love that I am on it, so thank you :) But to answer your Q, the way I did mine was blogroll, straight up and simple (these are the blogs that are most relevant to my blog's focus) and then I have a couple of other blogrolls that are more ancillary. Perhaps that's a good way of doing it? Though I think the way you have it now is absolutely great!

  6. Personally, I like the way you have your blog roll broken down right now...but honestly, however YOU like it is how it should be! :-)

  7. I struggle with labels, too! When you figure it out, let me know. (And like Jolene, I am simply honored to make the list.)

    Big hugs!

  8. Label not or label is all you will be; sounds Yoda-ish, no?

    I'm not sure I understand the single-mom-yet-married again thing (if you have a partner and the kid has a dad and now a step-dad ... what, exactly is "single"?), but I do love that many are willing to give marriage a go again (not "re"-marriage, though, as they're not "re"-marrying the ex!)

    Still, marriage or re-marriage is not for me. You may, however, call me and my blog whatever you want.Something sexy would be nice ...

  9. I think you should leave it just the way it is. Because like you said, even though they're remarried, they're STILL "single parents."

    And FYI: I get the most traffic from your blog.. which is awesome! So thanks for that. ;)

  10. Maybe a new category for single moms now married? I read the categories I can relate to; single moms, single Dads for their perspective, other Moms and Dads for parenting, Athletic for training, and I'd be drawn to a single moms/dads now married to get a peak into the new challenges and thoughts they're having building a new type of family.

  11. I would say one big blogroll. When you seperate them it's kind of like the have a have nots. Personally since we all belong to the blogging community I don't see the reason to draw lines where there don't need to be.

  12. See T, I have a blogroll. And I throw all of those I love on there.

    And that's about where my thinking stops on that one. ;)

    *Laugh* It's awesome how different our perspectives on things are!

  13. As a librarian, I vote to keep the labels. Maybe move some blogs around and/or add new labels as you see fit, but I'm not a fan of one huge-ass list.

    And like others have said, I'm just happy to be a part of the most excellent blog roll of most excellent bloggers.

  14. T, I agree with the comments about not labeling so specifically, but I would suggest placing the links into broader categories. Personally, I have no desire to go through one big long list to see what each one is about.

    Part of my reasoning for not labeling too narrowly is that I never really intended my blog (when I was blogging) to be a "single mom's blog" -- even though I was a single mom* and wrote about that part of my life, among other things. But my blog was often labeled that way.

    Anyway, because you have already asked the question you probably have an idea of what YOU'D like to do, so go for it. I appreciate your blog list, but still come primarily for you! (And, yes, I do read you every day even if I don't comment often.)

    *Having been married (remarried) for almost a year now, I can't see calling myself a single mom anymore and I don't. I wasn't all that keen on using it before, as I've said, but it fit my life situation then. Instead, I continue to see myself as a woman doing her best to juggle a lot of different things -- now with the added bonus of a loving husband.

  15. Of course, I just looked to see if you'd moved me to a new category... whew! I'm fascinated to know where you'd move us recently married single moms. Hmmm.

    And because I didn't comment on your "Why we read T" post, here goes:
    I love your genuine honesty. You are one of the most open, big-hearted bloggers I know.
    And I also come here for your rockin' blogroll. It beats my Google reader!


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