Friday, October 8, 2010

Note to Self

All of those goals you want to accomplish? All of those plans and visions and grand ideas? They are accomplishable.

But you have to let go of the excuse you always use. You know the one: "... but I'm a single mom..."

Yeah. Let it go and watch your life soar!

Your kids will thank you for it.


  1. No excuse is good enough to keep you from your goals. Keep on truckin'. You got this.

  2. I'm trying...

    Seems like I have tons of irons in the fire, but none of them seem to give me that big boost I need...

    Still, pushing forward

  3. Well said. Being a single mom... does not define who you are.... or so I have to keep telling myself...

  4. It's funny....there's always one excuse or another to keep us from the things that we want to do. The "but I'm a single mom!" excuse is one of the easiest....but likely one of the lamest (I know, I fall into this trap, too!!). Being a single mom is even MORE reason to go after those goals and dreams, because you have two little girls watching your every move! Be the strong role model that they need!! :-)

  5. Isn't that the truth!? I find myself falling back on that one too. And the whole, "I work so much" excuse.

    Thanks for the wake up call, it was what I needed to hear today!


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