Wednesday, October 13, 2010

What are YOU going to be for Halloween?

I was approached by to review one of their sexy Halloween costumes. There were so many to choose from that I honestly couldn't decide.

I decided to let Gentleman Jack decide for me.

He's a hunter. He saw camouflage. He got weak in the knees.

Ok, so it's not hunting camo but the man did enjoy seeing me in a tight spandex outfit. Hello?!

I guess it's my own way of supporting the troops too, right?

Drop and gimme 20! 20 licks, Soldier! Right there... that's it... you just might get a medal for that...


The cool thing about this outfit is that the skirt zips down the upper thigh area so that it's a fitted all-camo look, or you can unzip it to reveal the black flirty skirt underneath.

Gentleman Jack's only request was that I didn't actually wear this without a bra because apparently my man has x-ray vision. He said he could see through it. Once I reassured him that I was only wearing it for him, he felt better. And then enjoyed the costume with a different state of mind.

Sergeant Sassy didn't stay around for long. I'm just sayin'.

Check out the sexy Halloween costumes at for the spooky holiday or just for play.

Cause the trick or treating can always stay INDOORS, you know...


  1. I think a modeling of the costume on HNT would be good for all of us... of course, to keep your anonymity, from the neck down would work... and by the way.. that costume CAN'T be worn with a bra and as such, in the modeling pick, you should stay with tradition!

    As always,

  2. So if that's what you're going as for Halloween, I take it Rascal is going to be... horny?

  3. What's this, a review with no pictures? I think we need to verify Rascals visual acuity :-)

  4. Love it!! I want that outfit, it's uber cute ;-) And I agree, what, no pic?!

  5. I'm also hoping to review a Halloween outfit from I gotta find the time to get Sunshine into (and out of) the outfit first.


  6. Me dressing up depends on if I do anything for Halloween, other than take the kids trick-or-treating.

    WHAT I would be, I have to idea. Lol

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