Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Random Life Awesomeness

I've actually been really busy at work lately. And that's good. REALLY good. I've found my niche and the guys are excited about my dedication to it. (Now SHOW ME THE $$$!)

In the meantime, I'm even more glued to the computer during the day. When I get home or on the weekends, I don't even want to turn the damn thing on. The really awesome thing about not turning it on is that I'm tuning in to real life and I don't have time to overthink! (Well, so far...)

So this post will be short and to the point. Besides, ya'll may want a break from my brain working overtime anyway, right?

Here are a few random thoughts from the past week or so:

  • I love that my Gentleman and I have such engaging conversations.

  • Ugh. Sometimes I wish my Gentleman and I didn't have such engaging conversations so our phone calls would be shorter and I'd get more sleep.

  • Thank God for the weekends and sleeping in. *turns off alarm clock, shuts the door to my room and snoozes til the kids check to see if I'm still breathing*

  • My kids are funny. DAMN funny.

  • The puppy could be cuter. But I doubt it. *gets down on the floor and loves on the dog til she escapes from my grip*

  • Hey, my electricity bill isn't near as high as it was last year! I'll have extra money this month! *as I sit at the computer in a full coat because I barely turn on the heat*

  • I am NOT made for cold temperatures. Is it spring yet?

  • My man keeps telling me he misses me. Like every night. Aw. He must love me or something.

  • I'm so glad I still have the book: A Return to Love.  I'm getting so much more out of it than I did the last time I read it. And I got A LOT out of it last time.

  • Straight A's again! Woohoo! *high five and butt bump with my daughters*

  • OMG. I love the mattress warmer on my bed. *snuggle snuggle*

  • This mattress warmer is ALMOST as good as cuddling with my Gentleman. Almost.

  • OMG. It's too cold. I don't wanna get outta my warm bed! (and yes, I realize that it's colder in other places but I live in the south. Where it should never get cold.)

  • Must. Wrestle. With. My. Children. More. Often.

  • A yoga flow class with ALL Beatles music?! Here comes the sun... salutations... Ok, there most definitely is a God!

  • Wow. I didn't even realize how hard I pushed myself in that Beatles yoga class. Owie hamstrings! But it sure was fun!

  • My wine glass floats in my bubble bath! Even more proof there is a God!

  • The kids keep mentioning their dad's girlfriend. I wonder if he's ever going to introduce me to this lady.

  • Their dad sure is happier with a girlfriend. I like that.

  • I think I may actually love my job. (Now show me the $$$!)

  • I love standing in church between my Gentleman and his teenage son. I feel so cherished. Especially because each of them holds my hand. *beams with pride*

  • Gentleman Jack and I had an hour conversation about proof there is a God. Wow. I love that we have such engaging conversations.

*looks around at comfortable home, happy well-adjusted kids, puppy conked out on the floor, feeling love from my man... breathes in the joy*

  • I am really blessed.


  1. Ex spouses who land girlfriends or husbands make life so much easier.

  2. Floating wine glass?! Bliss! Glad to see you and the family are doing well. (That includes Jack and his kids...)

  3. What a great list! wine floating in the tub is AMAZING! I will have to try it. And yes, that is awfully cold for the south but just to make you feel a wee bit better, it was -4 in Boston yesterday and that is far too cold even for there ;-) Thankfully I am NOT in Boston today though! Love the happy thoughts!

  4. I love a good random post like that! How did you discover your wine glass floats?! :-)

  5. I was in the bath holding my wine glass (with a stem and large bowl for red wine) and thought I'd see if it would float or tip over. I was so giddy when I saw it floated without tipping!!

    Ahhh... it's the little things, sometimes!

  6. You had me at wine in the bath. Mmmmm.

  7. Here comes the sun certainly is proof that God exists. It is also proof that George Harrison was a very talented, and underrated, member of The Beatles.

  8. Your low temps are higher than the high temps here. I'm very jealous!

  9. It's nice to read a happy post like this, T. Thank you for the smile today.

  10. Yeah, Thank you for the smile today.....:)

  11. I find it funny that I wanted to know about the floating wine glass and apparently, so did all of my other fav bloggers! Love the list! You are blessed and it makes me smile seeing all of the goods in your life!!!!!


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