Friday, January 28, 2011

Uninvited, Thank U

For no other reason than holy crap this is an awesome song. I just want to walk up to her, at the end, put my hands in her hair and plant a big kiss on that mouth.

Oh and since we're in the Alanis mood, this one is a fave too. Such a great life song.

The moment I let go of it, was the moment I got more than I could handle...

Love me some her.


  1. Both are great songs! Sometimes I forget about Alanis, and I really never should! :-)

  2. OMG, I am a total Alanis junkie!! I have my favorite go to songs that become so poignant at times in my life.

    Thank You is one of those that really makes you stop and realize we are so blessed and have nothing in life to complain about compared to some.

    I love Uninvited, but I haven't yet decided exactly who she is speaking to in the song. I somehow don't believe that it is Nick Cage as a fallen angel! But what do I know?

  3. Love her and her lyrics. She's awesome. Forgot about 'uninvited' but one of my absolute faces.

  4. What about Ironic? She rocks!

    I just forgot how long her hair was. And damn, she has aged well.

  5. I absolutely friggin LOVE "uninvited".....I'd totally tongue kiss Alanis for that one

  6. Alanis ROCKS! Really she ROCKS!

    Its one of the few artists I can put LOUD LOUD and still listen to!


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