Monday, March 28, 2011

Cool. Stylish. Blogs.

Thanks to Two Kids and a Fish for bestowing this awesome award to me.

I am not really good at receiving these types of things because, honestly, I'm not really good at giving them either. If I think you're awesome, I add you to the Most Excellent Blogroll over there on the right. -------------------------------->

But in the spirit of the award, I'll play along and list seven things about myself that you may or may not already know.

  1. I am currently training for another triathlon in August. It will have been 2 years since my last triathlon. Training is slow but moving. I also have a triathlon training blog that I'm writing with a few high school friends who have never done a single race before.

  2. I can't drink soda. I don't really drink soda anyway. I usually drink gallons of water. My body is affected by soda in a bad way. Caffeine gives me a headache and keeps me up at night. Too much sugar makes my stomach hurt. And in general, when I drink it more than once in a blue moon, I will get a urinary tract infection. TMI, I know. 

  3. I am really sensitive. Yes, emotionally but physically too. (See #2.) I'm allergic to aspirin, ibuprofen and some antibiotics. This is why I love natural medicine.

  4. I've been studying my family tree. I also found out that my family, on both sides, is DEEPLY rooted in both Louisiana and Texas history. And that I'm pure Latin. I just LOOK like a white girl so watch out!

  5. Speaking of trees, I have an affinity for them. In fact, one such tree that I planted at the first house I owned with my husband actually came to me in a dream after we sold the house. The tree was begging me for water, telling me it was dying. A few weeks later, we went by that house to visit a neighbor and sure enough, found that my tree had burnt to a crisp in the Texas summer heat. The new owners hadn't watered it at all.

  6. Both my ex-husband and my Gentleman shield my eyes at any sign of animals being hurt. My ex-husband used to do it if he spotted an animal on the road that could get hit by a car. My Gentleman does it if he's watching a hunting show and I happen to walk into the room. Hmmm, did I say I'm sensitive?

  7. I am the only person in my family with a college degree.

Now, again because I'm not good at giving out these awards, I'm not going to "designate" that the following peeps have to pass it on either. I will, however, list some new-ish blogs I've been reading if you've neglected to find them on the blog roll. (And they are not in any sort of order.)

  1. Chopper Papa - I love CP for his love of his Queen, his kiddos and his wisdom. He's also helped me figure out some things I'm still learning about men. 

  2. J.R.'s Journey - You may know J.R. from his Sex & the Single Dad blog. I personally loved his crude humor on the original blog but he's showing more of his softer side on J.R.'s Journey. He writes about his own journey as a single dad of a daughter. Check him out.

  3. Two Kids and a Fish - Love her! And not just because she gave me this award! She's going through her own divorce and start as a single mom. She writes funny and sometimes poignant posts. I'm still hurting with her most recent post about a friend of her daughter's.

  4. Beauty in the Breakdown - Jen rocks. From her gorgeous photography to her rants about doing right by her two daughters, she is honest and true in her words. Sometimes her posts take my breath away.

I think many of you who read here also read just about everywhere else I read. I hope you'll check out these 4 awesome peeps too.

Is there anyone else you'd recommend to me? I always love discovering new blogs.

Have a great week, ya'll.

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