Thursday, March 31, 2011

Sometimes I'm so social I'm anti-social

Wow, this week has been a doozy! I've had several personal and business appointments all week. I've been running around like crazy and then, when I'm not, I'm building blogs for friends and writing posts for other things...

Being so active socially has left me a bit anti-social here, hasn't it?

I'll give a quick rundown on things so ya'll don't think I'm as depressed as my previous posts sound.


First of all, I'm thrilled to have so many things going. I feel so good when I'm busy and people care what I have to say. As someone who, as a child, didn't feel listened to, it is nice to feel as if my thoughts and opinions are recognized as important.

The downside to that is after a while, I won't want to talk to ANYBODY. I will feel a bit drained by Sunday evening, of this I'm sure!

Why Sunday evening?

Well, my boys are coming in this weekend in celebration of Gentleman Jack's birthday. There will be cake, more than likely this recipe. Because really, who DOESN'T like chocolate sheet cake?

Photo from Pioneer Woman's recipe

I'm not sure what sort of fun we'll have this weekend. The weather's supposed to be nice. Perhaps we'll grill out. Maybe we'll go to the park. Maybe we'll hit an arcade and bowling alley. The options are limitless...

I also took care of the birth control option this week - deciding on the Mirena IUD. I canceled the Essure appointment a few weeks ago (mostly because the Essure plan B is a full hysterectomy if it has to be removed). I'd had the Mirena before with no problems so I decided to go for it again - despite the hormones. Who knows? Maybe it'll help with my hormonal issues too. *fingers crossed*

Something so small makes such a big difference.

I do know this for certain. Momma's gonna be gettin all kinds of naughty with my man this weekend! There's something to be said for carefree naughtiness too. Just sayin'!

Just because it's funny

I've kicked my fitness back into gear too with the triathlon training. I'm running a 5K in a few weeks and hoping to add a few cycling events this summer. I'd forgotten how I managed to magically squeeze in training workouts into my day. The kids are getting more self-sufficient too, which definitely helps. It's about time to begin my lunch-time swim training again too.

Ya know you want to.

The kids are excited about the warmer temperatures as well. Warmer temperatures means school's almost out! It's hard to believe that it'll be just a few more months til summer vacation.

Our vacation this year won't be here. *sad face*
But here! *happy face*

So for now, I'm back to being everywhere and doing everything and so far, holding it together nicely.

Check with me again on Sunday night.


Have a great weekend, ya'll!

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