Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Be honest

Though I'm trying to stop giving unsolicited advice, my advice is sometimes solicited. I'm working on listening more... and allowing others to talk themselves through their problems.

Sometimes, however, I'm amazed that the answer to the problem is pretty simple.

Be honest.


Be honest with yourself

If you're feeling a feeling, allow that feeling. It doesn't mean pull anyone into the feeling with you. But feel it. In your own space. Ask for space from others so that you can embrace it.

Part of you is a quiet observer who realizes the feeling is only temporary. The quiet observer is waiting patiently while you process the feeling. The longer you hold on to reasons for the feeling, the longer the feeling will hang around.

Don't analyze why, just be. Be mad. Be frustrated. Be pissy. Be sad. Be tired. Be jealous. Be envious. Be judgmental. Be disappointed.

And don't feel bad for feeling it. Feel it. All the way to your core. It doesn't matter why. It just is.

Then the quiet observer will say simply, "Enough." And the feeling will pass.


Be honest with others

Sometimes, we're feeling a feeling that won't let go. And as much as we're "enlightened" enough to realize I'm choosing to feel this way, there are times when people just hurt us.

Words hurt. Actions hurt. Silence hurts.

So... SAY SOMETHING ABOUT IT. Don't go passive aggressive. Don't lie down and allow someone to continue to hurt you because then, you ARE choosing to feel this way. Speak up! If you're not honest with them, how will they know? If you're not saying anything, they won't realize you have a boundary or that you're assuming something or that your perception is different than theirs.

You can be honest with kindness but always remember to allow others their own reaction or hurt too. Maybe it's you that has to "hurt" someone. Tough love is never fun but it is still love.

Once you have spoken up, however, you will be heard. You will then KNOW rather than assume. Knowledge is power.


Be honest with your higher self

Follow your bliss. Honor yourself. Know your truth. Learn how to ask for what serves you. Learn how to say no. Find your boundaries. Remember your inner joy. Allow your happy.

No one else will do it for you.


If I could convince the world to follow this simple rule, I have to wonder if there'd be a need for advice anymore. Gosh... if only I could remember this same advice myself 100% of the time!

Workin' on it!

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