Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Compliments welcome!

Saturday morning, I rode my bike along a beautiful biking/running path in my hometown, Louisiana. It was a gorgeous 82 degree day made even more perfect by a cool breeze from the river.

During my ride, I'd only encountered one other cyclist and plenty of runners. One such group I'd already passed from behind, but now I was turned around and riding towards them.

"Dang", I thought, "Whatever these guys are doing... they need to KEEP doing it."

As I got closer, I realized they were all older men. Older as in, my age and up (40 +). Which made me even MORE impressed. I wondered if they were training for something or just working out together to stay in shape or lose weight. Whatever... they were all shirtless and *drool* in awesome shape.

I SOOO wanted to give them kudos but, as I blew past them with a smile and wave, I kept my mouth shut.


Well... I was afraid they'd think I was flirting with them.

I chided myself the rest of the bike ride for not saying anything. I kept wondering, "Why can't I compliment them without them reading something else into it? Or would they?"

I've gotten myself in a lot of trouble for simply telling someone, male or female, that they look good. Past experience plagued my thoughts and kept my lips sealed.

After my ride and after loading my bike in the truck, I sat on my back bumper and was busily typing a text to Gentleman Jack. About that time, one of the trail maintenance men walked past me, carrying a weed eater over his shoulder. I looked up and we acknowledged each other. He smiled and said to me, "You're looking like you're in GREAT SHAPE!"

Then he continued walking by. No gawking. No stalking. No gross unnecessary advances. Just a very nice compliment. I felt great and was very thankful to him.

I thought to myself, "SEE! That is the feeling I wanted to share with those men!"

As someone who tries to stay in good shape, compliments are always welcome. It feels nice to be validated. I simply wanted to pass on the validation to some hot older men. Where's the problem in that?

Why was it easier for me to be complimented than to offer one to a group of men? Thoughts?

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