Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Duel for my honor

I recently realized that our 25 high school reunion is coming up soon. Many of my classmates are friends or acquaintances now, thanks to our 20th reunion, Facebook and the reunion from last year. I've even dated a few classmates... *ahem*... because of the reunions and Facebook as well.

To refresh your memories, Soldier was a great friend from high school who contacted me after our 20th reunion and shortly thereafter took me on a first date. And then... well, let's just say a bunch of bad stuff happened and it didn't work out. I haven't spoken to him in over 2 years.

Currently, I'm in a wonderful 2 + year relationship with another high school classmate, my sweet Gentleman Jack. He found me on Facebook after several of us connected post-20-year-reunion. We attended the reunion last year together and connected with even more former classmates.

How awesome of a class are we that 20 plus years later we still really like each other?

Thus far, Soldier hasn't actually attended any of our reunions. He only recently joined Facebook and slowly, as I expected, has begun friending several of our classmates/my friends. I've not received a friend request, and honestly, am not expecting one.

A 25 Year Reunion group was started last week and classmates have been added in the days that have followed. We're attempting to bring together all 200 or so classmates for this big gathering. Thus far, we're over halfway there! The Facebook group has been fun because everyone's stopping by to say hello or reconnect. New connections have been made. Old connections have been reacquainted. Everyone is looking forward to the reunion and making great suggestions for the planning process.

As I suspected, Soldier's name is in the group. Of course. He hasn't commented or spoken up to say anything but he is being emailed on the loads of suggestions and comments on the group page. A good portion of our graduating class attended last year's festivities or follow Jack and I on Facebook. They're all quite well aware that we're a couple and have posted various statements as such on our group page. This would lead me to assume that Soldier now knows I am involved with another classmate.

Good. That's very good that he knows that.

Sometime before Jack came to visit this weekend, he sent me a text about our Facebook reunion page:

"Looks like your ex (Soldier) is included on this invite to the reunion."

I giggled at my man because I knew he'd mention it at some point. I could feel his protective arms bow up as soon as I saw Soldier's name on the reunion list. I replied that yes, I saw Soldier's name.... but didn't believe he'd actually show up for the gathering. Why was it a concern for my Gentleman?

"Let's just say you're more forgiving than I am."

To be continued tomorrow...

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