Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Young Narcissist?

I know a single mother of a 6 year old son. He's all boy, very macho, great at sports and has the attention span of a puppy. As a matter of fact, he probably has more energy than most puppies I've seen!

The mom was very popular in school. She was involved in sports, had lots of friends and many boyfriends. He is her only child and she spoils him rotten.

Under a recent Facebook photo of him dressed to the nines, she captioned the photo:

Look at my handsome boy! And he has 4 girlfriends now too! Momma is so proud!

I'll give her this - he is a handsome boy. In fact, he's a little stud. I can already see the football trophies and a future of dating every girl on the cheerleading squad. And I can see her, smiling proudly and bragging to everyone...

The problem I have is that he's 6 years old. He's already getting wrapped up in getting girl's phone numbers and getting really angry when a girl "breaks his heart." Yet, there she is, egging him on to get another girlfriend or telling him to have more than one girlfriend so that he always has one to spare.

I'm like.... HE'S SIX!!! Doesn't it seem a bit young to be talking him into relationships?

Listen, I'm all about the playful idea of a crush, chasing each other on the playground, etc. I understand the need to make sure he doesn't get "serious" (which sounds ridiculous at his age) about one girl. But should she really be promoting it? Should she really be teaching him that his needs are more important than these "trophy" girls hanging on his arm?

I'm at a loss for words when it comes to this. It just seems wrong to me. And I'm afraid his future will be one of multiple broken hearts.

Is he a narcissist in the making?

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