Sunday, August 14, 2011

Irresponsibilities: A Week off for a Single Mom

It's late Sunday evening and the house is quiet and happy.

My girls are home after a week with their father. When they're gone, I could seriously fill every moment of my day with things I don't get accomplished when they're here with me. I had to remind myself, more than once, to just relax and stop scheduling things!

The beginning of the week was pretty exhausting after last Sunday's triathlon. My body was still recovering and, honestly, fighting the onset of a cold as well. I had plans for a friend's birthday Monday evening after work... and I had Tuesday evening filled too. I canceled my Tuesday evening plans to sit on the couch and watch TV.

I'm laughing at how I blew off housework, laundry and cooking while the kids were gone. I ate good lunches at work and then, in those quiet evenings at home, I snacked on fruit, nuts, or meal replacement shakes.

Okay, okay, I also ate some not-so-good-for-you stuff too. Does anyone else remember the days of having a bowl of cereal for dinner and being perfectly fine with that? Yeah, that was me.

I did get in a mile run Tuesday morning, some yoga on Thursday morning, a swim on Friday evening and an hour of easy spinning on my bike trainer on Saturday. This is my recovery week after my triathlon so I didn't need to push it but I did need to work out some muscle soreness.

Wednesday evening, I sat with a friend who needed to vent.

Thursday evening, I watched a movie on TV (The Green Mile - which made me cry my eyes out!) and talked to my man for a long time. He was having a horrible week at work and was very upset. I woke up at 1:30 a.m. Thursday night/Friday morning and sent him some goodies and balloons to be delivered to his office the next day. He said it brightened his day and made him cry.

I love my sweet, sweet man.

Friday, I was so worn out from doing NOTHING all week (heh) that I couldn't wait to get in the pool that evening. I felt such calm in the water that I could have swam laps for hours. I love that feeling. I hope I can keep swimming through the winter so that maybe my triathlon swim times will improve for next season.

I hoped to get in a short easy bike ride on Saturday but woke up to rain instead.

WHAT?!? RAIN?!?! We've been rain free here in the Dallas area for over 40 days so it didn't bum me out too much to miss my bike ride. I spent the day hanging out with the dog and then enjoyed a girls' night last night.

All week, I've said I would clean my house but I didn't. There's clean laundry sitting on the couch that I've not put away. My suitcase from my vacation is still sitting on the floor of my bedroom, half filled with clean clothes. My kitchen counter overflows with mail and papers that need to be thrown away, sorted, recycled.

Oh well.

I have my girls home and soon school will be back in session and life will fly by once again.

A week off is a good thing for me. It was good being responsible for and to nothing for a little while...

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