Thursday, September 1, 2011

Every Single Mom needs one... (part 9)

Kid conveniences.

Since I started this blog nearly 4 years ago, I've realized the value of a wide range of things in the life of a single mom OR dad. Some of these things are pretty valuable to singles in general too! (check the links for older posts at the bottom of this one.)

We've all been there, right? Those nights when you don't feel like cooking dinner or doing much of anything. Sometimes, Momma even has to call in sick from her motherly duties. That's when I'm VERY thankful for a few conveniences that help my already independent children be even more self-sufficient.

For example:

I love my George Foreman grill.*

Just tonight, as I handled other household chores, my daughters made their own hot grilled cheese sandwiches. I usually allow myself one night off from cooking and since we don't eat out that much in order to save money, I love that they can make themselves something beyond a standard PB&J. Throw in some carrot sticks and/or some veggie chips and it's a meal!

I've filled a low-reach cabinet in my kitchen with small plates, cups and straws so they can serve themselves. I also keep a small stool in the corner of my kitchen so my youngest can reach the faucet on the sink. This means that I can focus on other things and they can cook, plate and clean up after themselves!

In nearly every room in my house, I have conveniences just for them. From their own desks in the office (bought used on Craigslist!) to their own button on the remote control for the TV that lists all of their favorite channels. 

They even help clean up around the house with their own personalized spray bottles filled with organic and safe cleaning solution. I have a Swiffer they use to help me keep the floors clean. We are all responsible for our own laundry. They've learned how to separate, wash, dry and put away their own clothes...

Ok, that's a Mommy Convenience.

My hope is that by making things more convenient for my daughters, I'm raising girls who will know how to take care of themselves. Besides, it makes my life a little simpler as well. And who couldn't use more of that?!

Do YOU have any ideas for making your life a little simpler?

* I was not compensated for this post. I just love my grill. :)

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