Thursday, July 5, 2012

On living together...

Gentleman Jack and I decided this weekend that we can never live together.

We'd both be FAT if we did!

It started Saturday morning when I cooked all of us (kids included) a breakfast of ham and cheese omelets and biscuits while GJ made us all fresh fruit smoothies. He looked at me after eating and said, "This *pointing to his plate*... can NOT happen every morning. I usually only have a smoothie for breakfast and that takes me til lunchtime."

We went on during the weekend (and into the week - Bonus!) to dine out with his mother one night on cheeseburgers. He grilled some awesome barbecue chicken for dinner one night. We went out to have sushi with friends one day for lunch and Mexican food another day for lunch with other friends.

Also, because it was the holiday, we'd bought some wine that we drank a few nights. We had margaritas. We had to partake in the drive through daiquiri places because we don't have them in Texas. We also shared drinks here and there.

Then we were going to bed late because we were seeing a movie, or swimming, or fishing, or popping fireworks. The kids had a great time being pyromaniacs with us to celebrate our country's independence.

Between the food, drinks and entertainment, I'm scared to know how much weight either of us put on after over 5 days together. I'm in need of a detox and a few good nights of sleep.

But I'm NOT complaining!

What I'm saying is if/when we ever did live together, we'd need to seriously kick each others' arses into shape!


On another note, I went home to my Louisiana man to find these waiting for me.

He knows that purple irises are my favorite flower and decided to surprise me. He's very proud of me for all that I did to land my dream job.

He also had sweet little gifts for my daughters too. He treated us to a wonderful week of great fun (see above) and lots of chill time on the water.

But my favorite time of all was the end of each day when all of the kids were in bed. I would snuggle up next to him on the couch and we'd both contentedly sigh at the same time.

I guess for that alone we could probably consider living together. We're kinda good together. 

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  1. This is so incredibly sweet! And it sounds to me that you are a good fit for one another. I know what your mean . My boyfriend and i have developed some not so great habits lately so we have vowed to cook together more. Not only is it cheaper but it's a lot healthier too!

    The irises are gorveous!


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