Thursday, September 6, 2012

When a Long Distance Relationship Comes to an End

I didn’t really write much about Jobo, MommaSunshine or Canadian Bald Guy after meeting them at our Epic Summer Bloggy Meetup back in June. Things got a little crazy after that with me starting a new job and having the kids around more.

I think now is a good time to mention it… because Momma Sunshine and Canadian Bald Guy’s long distance relationship is coming to an end.

It’s a shame because one of the things I loved about reading their blogs was that I could relate fully with their experience. I understood the challenges of wanting to be with someone who was 3 hours away. I understood those lonely nights when you went to bed alone, your heart somewhere else. I knew the agony of the goodbyes and the butterflies in your stomach when you woke up after 10 or more sleeps, thrilled to see your partner that evening. I knew their pain of trying to create a blended family when you so rarely saw each other. I got it when they longed for more time together, not imagining how that would ever come to be, and wondering if, despite the beauty of their relationship, they should call the whole thing off.

Gentleman Jack was nervous about traveling to the other side of the country to meet people that I’d not even met… simply because I knew them from their blogs. I tried to explain the commonalities between all of us – divorced, in love, trying to build a new life despite the seeming “failure” of relationship loss. He finally recognized those commonalities when we did all meet in person.

We didn’t miss a beat, really. There was not only instantaneous connection between me and these “bloggers” that I’d long called friends, but he too fell right into step with Canadian Bald Guy and Jobo’s love, M.

It was nice to have discussions about our trials and tribulations and find so much likeness. GJ and I felt understood as we offered understanding. I like that he knows my friends now… even if it is a bit surreal…and cheers them on as much as I do.

So, hearing that Sunshine and CBG were ending their long distance relationship definitely affected me and my man.

We both stood back in awe at the challenges and faith with which they are taking their next steps....


Next week, CBG makes the leap to join his love of 4 years in her town, in a home they chose together, blending their families together.

 No more long distance longing. No more lonely nights.

Together, facing new challenges and new successes.

Together, blending their families with more solidarity.

Together, making a home filled with the love they have for each other. A love that has survived years and miles and hours but never wavered.

Sure there are still some worries and fears…. But there is also faith, love and trust. Communication, honesty, connectedness.

I wish the best for my friends. My heart feels as if I’ve taken this journey with them. To see a happy ending, well, it’s like watching a movie where you stand at the end, cheering and applauding with joyous tears in your eyes and hope filling your chest.

As the credits roll, you know the couple has a road ahead filled with bumps and bruises but just as many days filled with kisses and laughter.

I love you guys. Thank you for sharing your journey with us. I'm thrilled to continue to read more. We’re all cheering you on!

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