Sunday, March 3, 2013


Ahhhh.... it's my first weekend alone since my unfortunately interrupted weekend away. Maybe it sounds like I held a grudge for so long about that weekend not being what I expected. And you'd be correct. I cherish my alone time just. that. much.

This weekend has been a weekend of LAY-ZEE.

Both yesterday and today, I've stayed in my bed until almost 10 am. I enjoyed a little *ahem* self-lovin'... because I could! No kids around. No place to be. I meditated. Meditated AND masturbated. Both good for me!

I got in some time on my bike. I did some yoga. I went to the sauna. I treated myself to a movie at a theater AND a movie on my couch. I had lunch with my bestie, TNT. I took really REALLY long hot showers. Because I could.

For the rest of the day, my plan is to spend some time at the park with another friend and take the dog on a healthy 3 mile walk/run. (It's 70 degrees today. Why the hell not?!) Then I get to spend the evening with my girls.

I feel like I'm so available to everyone else all the time that I am extremely stingy about my time to myself. And yeah, maybe the things that I've done this weekend don't sound like much of anything.  To me, though, they're everything. Time to recenter. Time to connect. Time to refocus.


I hope that your weekend is just as spectacular.

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