Monday, June 17, 2013

Go Love Yourself.

It's Monday and I have a smile on my face.

The yoga retreat was exactly what I needed to reboot a self-wellness/self-care regimen. We spent the weekend in yoga, meditation or other workshops to take a deep look at why we were neglecting ourselves to help everyone else.

Like I said, right up my alley.

I was attending with friends but also met about 10 other women I didn't know. Of course, there's that comfort of only being around those with which we already were acquainted. However, as the retreat went on, we shared why we were there, how we'd been neglecting ourselves, our past tendencies to do the same and how we have incorporated caring for others into our livelihoods or careers.

There's something to be said for (a) letting your guard down, (b) allowing others to let down their guard without judgment (ok, not TOO much judgment), and (c) putting your own angst into perspective. We're all a lot closer than we were on Saturday morning. We probably know things about each other that none of us has shared with too many more in our lives. And we're all reminding ourselves that WE ARE WORTH THE SELF CARE.

That's the thing. We can sit and recognize our proneness to put others in front of ourselves. We can talk about how limiting our beliefs are because of the labels we give ourselves (and others too, by the way). We can allow ourselves a break for a weekend because we see how our sacrificing is affecting others.

But it all comes down to remembering that we are worth it.

Digging down underneath all of that, we all bonded over childhood traumas and relationship memories where we adapted to putting others first. Some traumas were more traumatic than others. I heard too many stories of mothers who put down the daughters who grew into these beautiful women. All of us had our false beliefs of not being good enough, not feeling worthy of love unless we'd given our very last breath.

It was eye-opening to see the many mirrors around myself. My mind was enlightened. My soul was shaken. My heart was busted wide open.

So now it's Monday and we're all back to our daily lives of self-sacrifice. The difference is that we all made a pact to say 'no' to one thing that isn't serving us. We also took a deeper look at where we wanted to take our lives.

And we all left reminding each other of one thing.

You are beautiful and you are worth it.

You are.

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